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Friday, August 7, 2009

Wedding Blessings

They have been together for 5 years.  We would have expected the “Young Love” shine to have lost some of its glow.

But, it hasn’t & it won’t.

DSC02358This is Aaron James,  wedding 066 Who waited for an hour outside in the hot sun, for the presentation of his bride.

5 years in planning a Fairy Tale wedding of which dreams are made, rich with all traditions Polish. 

No kissing 48 hours before the wedding, IMG_0922But Aaron being Aaron made joking attempts

DSC02373This same little boy who,

set fire to the woods…

to see if he could build a campfire

beheaded Barbie's in G.I Joe wars

slid his baby sister down a flight of stairs…

in a laundry basket

loves classical music as much as rock & would rattle windows

refused to do homework because..

he already knew it

who plays beautiful music with his soul & any instrument he puts his hand to

who is hurt easily and loves deeply

who stands firm & fiercely for what he believes in

and a Faith in God that as stronger than ever

as a child that wanted everything to happen NOW,

his way or no way,

anti establishment,

no patience to wait…for anything…at all

has waited for this moment



All day through the wedding preparations I saw in my mind the boy who was in the teasing and jokes

But it was the man we are so proud of who in Polish tradition

requested, patiently waited for  and received the blessings of the parents


All before the wedding

***The Blessing,

is an affirmation of both bride and groom, the adult they have become, letting go of childhood, parents acceptance of the choice of partner & blessing of the marriage & future life together.

It’s very emotional and  beautiful ceremony

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  1. How wonderful!!! It's weird to think that my little baby will be in Aaron's shoes one day :)

  2. The pics are wonderful, I'm sure you all had a good time! Congrats to everyone :)

  3. oh my. I cannot wait till we have a wedding in our family.

    Congratulations to Aaron and Ania. May they both have many happy years together.

  4. Howdy
    Oh my goodness what a blessing to behold.
    Thank you for sharing the beauty of this moment that will truly live on forever it is so incredibly awesome.
    Thank you for posting the photos that truly are worth a thousand words easily.
    This was without a doubt a very encouraging post and one I will treasure for a very long time.
    Blessings to you and yours.
    Happy Trails

    thank you for the sweet comment you left for me on my blog:)


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