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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Can You Smell It?

The soft scent of Fall….

Leaves are starting to curl &  turn on the trees behind the house.  I’m not ready for it it yet.

Spices 004

I feel like summer has just started.   Outside this morning It is just 70 with 79% humidity…. much cooler than last nights 79 degrees & 85 % humidity. 

With all the rain the past few weeks, I think the total is 7 inches, the garden is taking off like crazy.  I had to pull the beans I let grow for next years seed as was just to wet.  I’ll have to string them to dry today.

I shredded  3 more zucchini last night and froze it for loaves of bread this winter, I love zucchini bread with soups & stews.  Also enough peppers ripened to chop and fill a gallon freezer bag.  It will be nice to have them ready to use, just reach in and grab a hand full as needed. 

The tomatoes should be ripening this week & next.  Ours like most others in the area have been so slow growing this year and are on the small side.  I had hoped to have enough to can all the sauce, juice & salsa we go thru but, they are on the small side and produced less than half of what we would have  expected, so I’m not counting on it.

My daughter Danielle has been very successful growing herbs.  Oregano, Basil, Mint & Sage to name a few.  She cuts it back, peals the leaves if needed & stores them in her freezer.  I’m trying my hand at drying them this year.

 Spices 003

The hard part will be finding somewhere arid enough to dry it as the humidity is high in the house also. 

Well, I hear a few weeds in the garden calling me & hopefully enough cucumbers for another batch of pickles…

The laundry mountain is building….I’ve been waiting for the humidity to drop to hang outside but Mr.. Fix~It will be expecting some clean socks so I’d better get busy.

What’s on your To~Do List Today?

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  1. I am also very behind on laundry and really need to get some longies in my shop. :( I'm trying to decide (& narrow down) on knitted items for the kids this fall/winter. I want to make myself some things this year also.

    Every time the season changes I get sick with my sinuses and allergies and it started last week so I already felt it coming. So sad to see summer go!

    Christmas isn't far away once fall starts!

  2. How can you be getting so much rain in Indiana, and in Ohio, we aren't getting any?! My green peppers are tiny, but my tomatoes are doing well. They're the only thing doing well in fact. Even my zucchini plants lately seem to be slowing in production. I should probably water more!


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