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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thrifting Thursday!

Great finds today! This pillowcase size bag of cotton yarns, soon to be dishcloths and washcloths!I estimate there is about $20.00 of cotton in there!
New Sheets( high thread count) half in the bag, the lady said she did not like the colors.....returning them was to much trouble so she brought them to Goodwill. There were also 2 packs of heavy cloth napkins...still in the package never opened. I think I see tote bags in the near future
This is what I found when I got home. Let me preface to say he is always in a closed cage when I leave. Some how he has learned to get out. When I came thru the door I heard "Hi Baby!"
See those latches hanging down? It takes a 2 handed human to open them. Apparently just a sneaky Parrot to do the same!
Off to play in the dye pots!

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  1. I NEVER find good things at my Goodwill. Have almost entirely given up going.


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