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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Got Peanut butter?

All kids love peanut butter and Jelly. But it has to be the all time favorite....
"Grape Jelly"
Small shorties, 85% wool 15% angora, super soft for little tushies.
Ribbed legs designed to contain new babies blowouts (cause we all know they happen!)
Stash Busting!

Playin in the dye pot again....
"Fresh Rhubarb"
"Rivers Rising"
"New Shoots"
"Building Blocks"
Stash Feeding!
Some on BFL, Some on Merino, these and others to be listed on Etsy by tomorrow.


  1. I love the Rivers Rising one! I did some dyeing today too for Ty :) I still need mason jars before I can play with my new dye stuff but Alyssa had to help 'paint' the yarn.
    Cute Jelly shorties too.

  2. Thanks! We live next to the Ohio river, with all the rain the rivers up and quite muddy....

  3. I love "fresh rhubarb" Very pretty!

  4. I love the diaper soakers! They are so cute! I so want to find some time to learn how to dye my yarn. In my next life, maybe. I really like the Fresh Rhubarb.
    Come over and see what is happening at my "place."

  5. While I am sitting with my mother:)

  6. Too funny, I WAS there, while you were here!

  7. Thank you Sonya! Pouring you a glass of wine......

  8. That soaker is so tiny :D :D :D
    Where is the time my kids could fit in that! Even my youngest is a big(ger) girl already!

    Nice wool :D
    the Fresh Rhubarb is my favorit!

  9. Thank you Tucana's Dream, the colors are a bit more vibrant that what is showing, for some reason all the colors are a bit muted this time!

  10. hehe I grew up with "Mud Creek" in my back yard.. yeah that was the name of it lol although it is more of green and brown.


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