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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thrifting Thursday!

On the way home today I had 10 free minutes so I popped in to my local Goodwill looking for more flannel sheets. Never made it to the back wall. They were just starting to unload a rack of men's garments & I got side-tracked. Flannel shirts would make cute diapers right? Look what I found, Men's XXL sweater, 77%Lambs' Wool & 23% Nylon!

Which soon became....I have not weighed it all but, the dark Grey skein in the top center is 3.5oz/100gr. Not sure what I'm going to do with it all but, for $1.99....I'll think of something!
What did you find today?


  1. Wow, What a find! I may have to join the thrift addicts in the family! I've never been addicted to Goodwill like my Mom and my daughter's mother in law but I am a huge fan of what they find!

  2. I'm equally impressed by your great deal, and the fact that you've already unraveled the yarn!

  3. Great find - I will have to put my MIL on that hunt, too! She buys all my kiddies clothes at Goodwill and I love it!

  4. Too cool. You never know what treasures lurke at the goodwill store. I've taken home a couple of sweaters too, but haven't had time to unravel them yet.

  5. Wonderful find! I went with hubby to the Volunteers of America today, and they were having a 75% off all winter clothing sale. I didn't want to drag him through every single sweater in the store, but if I had been there alone... you know I would have! I'm not much into knitting (I tried it but am not very good at it!) but I like to find old wool sweaters for felting. I might have to go back without him tomorrow...


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