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Monday, March 30, 2009

She Who REALLY Rules the Roost! Family Fun

Helping fold laundry!

Outgrowing Newborn clothing, Grandma has to get sewing!


  1. How cute and wide eyed too :) Erika already looks skinny again!

  2. Brother and Sister are too cute! She is a pretty baby! And yes, Grandma, you better get sewing. Don't miss the opportunity. If you're a sewer and/or knitter grandkiddos are great to feed the obsession.

  3. Candi, she is getting back in shape, the poor baby had to buy some 7'd to go back to work! I give her 2 wks to be back in 5's....and yes I do want to stuff a twinkie in her!

    Debby, I have sewing and knitting things ALL over the house...just have to finish some!

  4. Oooohhhhh a BABY!!
    What a gorgeous little family you have and it's easy to see why you're pleased as punch!

    (do you sniff that little neck? mmmm!!)

  5. It is hard to believe she is already old enough to be holding her head up!! To cute!

  6. I smell baby! MMM


    Can I borrow her to help me fold laundry? TeeHee


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