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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sewing Bug Strikes Again

Looks like Spring brings all sorts of bugs. Rachel was scheduled for one last transfusion but had to delay it do to the same "creepin crud" bug everyone else is getting. Its a double whammy for her as her resistance is so low & the transfusion would be a big boost to her system. But, they will not transfuse if you have a fever.....she was running 102. So, she will have to reschedule. Hayden has the same bug so lets just hope they don't give it back and forth to each other!

I got bit by the Sewing Bug. I used to sew and quilt all the time. I made dance costumes for years and just got burnt out. Working for a major chain fabric store for 8 years created a....well, lets just say MASSIVE stash and leave it at that.
I've been trying to sort through some of it and just touching the brocades, velvets and cottons have my fingers just itching to dive in again. I found 3 quilts nearly completed about 6 pair of flannel pants waiting elastic.....bolts of Lycra & sequins from costuming.....I really need to destash. But then I think well, I could put a few leotards together and list on Etsy, finish those quilts and update some bedrooms. I could do a lot with it. But would I?

We have quite a few friends with small children so I've pulled a small stack out to make up some skirts/tops and sun dresses. I think if the outfits go over well with them I'll see how well they do on Etsy! I get to play with fabric & sew little girl things which I love, start cleaning out the sewing room.


  1. I love fabric and I don't even sew. When I see some fabric that I can't resist, I buy it and send it to my friend in NH. She knows what to do with it :)

  2. Sunsuits is about all R wears during the summer. I bet they would be a huge hit on Etsy - and it looks like you have some adorable fabric!

  3. so many cute prints It's hard to choose my favorite! I love them all lol. I bet there are going to be some cute stuff made from that! I have made a few blankets but gave up sewing for knitting because more kids = less time for big messy crafts lol.

  4. Betcha they'd be a huge hit on etsy. I love to sew clothes for little ones. Are you sure this isn't going to be sew much fun for you that the bug will have a long life?

  5. Thanks ladies! It(fabric)is another addiction of mine. One I HAVE to tame. I thought this would be a way to enjoy using it & recoup some $ inthe process!


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