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Friday, March 20, 2009

Shorties On Silky BFL

Its so sunny and spring like I had to break out some spring colors. Using my colorway "Sweet Pea" for the body &"Green Apples" for the cuff & waist. Medium shorties, on super soft and silky BFL!

More BFL, "Earth II" Large shorties. These sold before they were posted!
I added a Peace symbol on the lower leg at the customers request.
I have a 3rd pair nearly done, just need to knit the legs. I have been having a blast playing in the dye pots coming up with various colorways. I should have photos tomorrow!
Erika and I hit the fabric store today, (no I don't mean the one in the basement.)
Cotton summery prints were 30-50% off....so of course we had to take advantage of that. Doing our part to boost the economy


  1. you sound like my husband on the 'boosting the economy' lol.. excuses! (but a good one right?) I'm looking at diapers right now.. I really don't want to sew but my serger is broken :( I went to Hancocks today but they had nothing! just a few flannels I made myself not get (I'm a sucker for flannel) but no knit prints. I wish we had a Joann's in this state!

  2. Actually it was a Hobby Lobby, We made 6 more diapers today...flannels are on sale also 30% off!

  3. I wish these came in grown-up sizes... I LOVE them!!

    Do you make really LARGE diapers? (Noooo... not for me!) I have an 11 year permanent part-time child with autism,( he lives with me for half the month) who is still in diapers - mostly at night, but sometimes during the day also. And finding diapers to fit him is nigh on impossible!


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