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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Little Bit of Knitting, Little Bit of Sewing, LOTS of Cuddling

Evie wants to say HI!!!!! 3-4 oz every 2 hrs and shes getting just a biiiit porky! I love watching babies fill out. Shes sure doing a good job of it!

I'm stuck on spring, or dreaming warm weather dreams. Everything I've been knitting or dying has a Earth "flavor" so to speak.
The latest knits are "Earth" Sheepy Shorties
I love this colorway & super soft. A great buy from "The Bare Sheep Yarn CO."

Ever lived where there were Mulberry Trees? As kids we would squish the fallen berries between our toes. One summer I had brand new sandals (not hand-me-downs) to wear to Church. That was a big deal as we had school/everyday shoes and church shoes. Not the 5 pr of flip flops & 3 pr of sneakers kids have now. Anyway, I'd had a blast squishin all these berries & my feet were pink to a brown purple....that did not wash off. I had to wear my school shoes and leave my new pretty sandals at home. I haven't looked at Mulberry's the same way since! This dye lot did not come out quite as I'd planned. Pinks to a brown purple. So I call them.......... "Squishin Mulberries"

O.K. I'm to to frugal (cheap, I'll admit it) to pay someone to do something I'm capable of doing myself. So we've been playing with various patterns, making diapers & covers. Some attempts successful, some are ..........not.

I've decided this face is due to moving her away from the thread....Another crafter in the family, its in the blood! YES!!!
I might even share my knitting stash :D

Bits of flannel I had & a flannel sheet I scored at Goodwill for $1.99. The rest from stash, how cheap is that!


  1. Evie is absolutely adorable! I agree - train 'em early. I am seriously considering getting R a set of knitting needles and yarn for her 2nd birthday! Just to prime the pump! LOL

  2. Evie is a lovely baby! And all the lovely cloth diapers and covers. Very nice work! :)

  3. Ooooh, she is a pretty baby! I love the smell of a new baby so sniff her for me will you? I love that smell! I love the cloth diapers! My Mother in law made them for my little ones and they didn't absorb very well :-( but now they have better options for flannel and patterns. I used cloth for the first baby but when I had two at once and I was doing nothing but diapers I succumbed to the disposable. I did have diaper service for awhile and that was really nice! Still a fan of cloth and I'd be even more a fan with such cute diapers and easy ones!

  4. I was waiting for another shot of Evie. They get big so quickly and next thing you know they don't look like babies anymore ( I think the line starts when they say 'no' on purpose) lol I'm glad you're having fun sewing for her. If only they would smile for the camera instead of cry right? hehe

  5. what a Beautiful baby! I agree sniff her sweet baby smell for me.

    Love the home made diapers!
    Lucky for me mine are all way out of the diaper stage. DD's best friend is looking into using cloth for her baby due next month.
    The ones at the specialty stores are outragiously priced. I've been sending her web sites with patterns.

    do you make your own pads too?


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