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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"I'm Not Done Yet"

Every once in a while something happens in our lives, be it joy or sorrow and you will hear a soft voice say, “I’m not done yet.”
A baby, born so early his tiny body fits in your palm, hugs, tears & Prayer then you hear the soft voice saying “I’m not done yet.”
My daughter Rachel and her husband Adams family experienced such a thing this weekend. Adam’s grandfather came to visit on Saturday. He’s an older gentleman, has been ill with kidney failure and numerous strokes so, they valued the time together. (This is told second hand so if I have errors in the telling please forgive me but I just had to share this) Back home in church Sunday morning he leaned to his wife in church and said ”I don’t feel good” (She offered to leave right away, as with his history that’s not a good sign) He wanted to stay. Just a moment or 2 later he fell over unconscious, not breathing. She called out for some one to call 911. Within 2-3 minutes paramedics were running up the church aisle. Later at the hospital, the doctors said if not for such a rapid response he would not have survived. They live in a very small and rural town. I believe Mitchell, In. is 30-45 minutes to the nearest hospital, ambulance assistance about half that.
The family contacted the 1st of the 2 “local” ambulance service to thank them. They were told, “We didn’t make the run.” So they confidently contacted the 2nd, only to find out it wasn’t them either. Returning to the hospital, after explaining the confusion they asked to check admittance papers.

Here is evidence of Grace in action. An ambulance service & EMS team was traveling from northern Indiana to Louisville, Ky. for training, & had gotten lost, …about 45minutes out of the way kind of lost. They were passing in front of the church when the call went out for EMS. Personally, I don’t think they were lost, I think they were following another set of directions. They had no obligation to stop other than dedication and professionalism. I don’t know about you but I heard “I’m not done yet”

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  1. Oh my goodness, I have goosebumps.
    That truly was a miracle.


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