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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wedding Recovery & Looking for my Mojo

Have you seen my knitting Mojo? I seem to have misplaced it! I guess I’m in a knitting slump.
Weddings, tho wonderful are an emotional roller coaster. The whorl wind wedding preparations for this one have left me wiped out. A touch of the same flu that hit Isaiah hasn’t helped. It turned out he did have the flu. Courtesy of the E.R., a few bags of fluids with Tylenol and he was much better & ready to play.
Here he is after fluids, charming the nurses! He was released at 4 AM. Monday is a bit of a blur, due to that same flu bug. I slept the day away!

What a way to spend your 5th birthday, sick and getting married!

On the knitting front, I made a simple clutch bag, just playing with designs. I was so excited that it was working out, as I liked. It felted beautifully, nice & tight, thick. In my excitement, I forgot to sew it closed. So I was whining about it on Ravelry. Knitchick suggested I consult Lynn of Lynn’s Bags. Be sure and check out her bags, they are gorgeous! She provided the info to salvage the purse so I will work on it tonight

After that fiasco I needed instant gratification. What can be quicker or as fun as a baby hat? I love working these up. I normally have color changes at the rib but this time I chose a variegated acrylic pastel. Will be an easy care diaper bag stuffer for Mommies

The infinite gift list of “Almost Malika” Market Bags is getting shorter. A bit closer to the original size, this one is made of Sugar’n Cream Confectionery color Plum Pudding. Cream to Brown with Purples mixed in. Love the colors, if it didn’t mean I ‘d need to make another one I’d keep it myself! I changed up the pattern on front again, keeps it from being boring

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