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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Woodland Sprite Topper

Woodland Sprite hats are so fun to make. I love mixing and playing with colors, so many possibilities! My mind is usually ahead 3 hat color combos before I finish casting on.
I normally will use wool blends but have been asked for washable baby knits.

These are a mid weight hat, sure to keep some lucky baby warm this winter!

Woodland Sprite in Blues, Green & Brown.
Made to fit 6-18 months.

Daisy Days Woodland Sprite
Sized for average 6-12 months.
Again, this hat is machine wash for
Easy Care.

I love the Woodland Sprite Foliage.
Remember playing in a pile of leaves?
You can't see me, you can't see me!

Foliage is sized to fit 6-18 months

Soft and squishy, easy to stuff in a diaper bag
Make great gifts!

I should have them posted to my Etsy store this week.


  1. I love those!

    Great job on the hats.

  2. "those are so cool!!!" - me
    "those are so cool!!!" - me
    "those are, like, SOO COOL!!!" -me

    hah. i should be famous for all my original quotes.

    very VERY good job on those hats. what's the pattern that you used?

    very cool hats. very cool.


    p.s. i want to make some. they're cool. :) hah.

  3. These hats are awesome. Did you do that pooling/flashing intentionally? It looks so cool on these.


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