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Thursday, July 31, 2008


We're "Going Green" one baby step at a time. We've been trying to reuse our plastic shopping bags, you know you have them too....... breeding in the closet. So, you have these "plastic" bags neatly folded in the back seat of your car....your ready for the next grocery trip...that's right were going to save a tree, stop global warming and bring peace on earth... and reuse the bags.
Then, you open your window...... Unrestrained grocery bags loose in a car become worse than a car full of balloons! They fly right in your face all plotting to cover the windshield. They plan it while waiting for us... in the hot car. I'm firmly convinced. Try and catch one as it flies past..grab it, slide it under one cheek, ( you know which cheek) slap at the next...just try and tuck it with the other....one ALWAYS gets away! You become the crazy lady waving her arms, trying to drive, shift & put the windows up all at the same time. They communicate ....I'm sure of it, one is always making a bid for freedom out the window, They need a warning label!
So, You make it to the store alive, grab all the bags & stuff them into one to carry, grab your coffee cup and..it spills into...the bags.
To heck with reusing the bags, I'm making some! Got home, logged on to Ravelry and found the "Malika Bag" pattern free! It's a sign! I read through the directions, quick & easy knit, O.K., I can save a tree, have a bag, and use some stash! We were on our way to the 4H auction and this was my sanity saver. I don't know about you but I can only take so many chickens, rabbits, cows & sheep ........after a while they all blend together! Anyway, my quick read of the pattern was to quick, Of course I forgot to take the pattern! The original bag has a spiral design and is wider. But, I LOVE my "Almost Malika Bag" It's unbelievable the amount of things that will fit into it. The second I lengthened the body and handles a few inches. I believe I know a few people who are still fighting the plotting plastic bags...Guess what they will receive this Christmas

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  1. i LOVE that bag!! its so cute! :D


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