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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Busy Day Ahead.

 I have PT again this morning….not sure if it will be my last?

I still struggle with rear rotation i.e.Confused smilereaching behind scratching my back. Other than that I’ve had very few issues with my arm. The strength & stamina is coming back quickly.  Working in the garden has been great PT!  Insurance has FINALLY started to pay us back all the out of pocket expense for DR.’s visits. They sent a partial check to the DR’s..who will refund us. Then, checking the mail yesterday there was another check directly to us for another 9 visits.    You can bet I did a little happy dance walking all the way up the drive way!

Yesterday I ended up with both girls so I was not able to work in the garden much.  After PT I’ll get the trailer and head to Earth First for some compost for the new kitchen garden and maybe an extra scoop for the main garden.  Not having animals or chickens is sure a drawback in the compost department! We just don’t produce enough ourselves to do all the jobs that need done. On top of that I wasn’t a very good composter this winter. I want to pick up a few pallets from the shop and make a new compost bin anyway……one with 2 sections rather than the one big pile we have now.  It never gets “done” as I keep adding to it.

Last week when I decided to let the tomato garden rest for the season I raked up all the grass rows in the field and piled it in…trying to cut back the weeds. Luckily the grass was tall but had no seed heads so I mowed all the cuttings in 4 rows. I think there is about 8 inches of grass piled and compacted in there now.IMG_2478  Next time I think raking nearly 2 acres of cut grass at once is good idea, smack me upside the head…PLEASE!  I think I’ll focus on sections rather than all of it next time but, it was cheaper than purchasing straw = Free!

Erika, the girls & I picked strawberries last night after it cooled off. The spinner (knock on wood) seems to be working.


We’ve not seen any further rabbit or bird invasions or nibble marks  We came in with 2 full gallons! There would have been about another quart but we heard Evie say eww a few times and realized if the berry was not “perfect” she was tossing it in the field. Probably a couple of courts truth be told….

I’m just so excited to see something producing! Right now all the berries are going in the freezer & I’ll make jam when I see what we get.

Well, just notified by the DR.s that my appt has been cancelled as he is sick.  So it looks like I’ll be able to get an early start on the kitchen garden and digging post holes before the heat gets to bad.

Have a good one!




  1. Another busy day for you! Jam making time is the best! Glad to hear that the bunnies are staying away.

  2. That is a lot of strawberries! How wonderful and yummy. :-)

    I'm glad to hear your are nearing the end of physio for your arm. Do I sense the purchase of a back scratcher in your future? ;-)

  3. Your gardens are lovely and you're going to enjoy them as they start coming in!! You work hard to get it to this point!


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