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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Expanding Our Growing Space


Each year we’ve attempted to expand our growing space at a semi controlled pace.  I say semi controlled a bit tongue in cheek because I tend to dive into things 500% head first & ask questions later.  I nearly did myself in the first year gardening.  To much, to fast without knowing what I was doing.  Mr. Fix-It (bless his weary heart) always bailed me out.  A few years ago unspoken agreement was made to grow slowly,  do our research first and plan the steps needed.  Last year we expanded the garden about 10 feet in overall length, and also added 3 raised beds.

This year? I’m taking over the old pool area.IMG_2497 It’s a nice large space  about 20 X 20 with no use other than more grass to mow.  We considered moving the play gear here but we cant see it from the house to keep an eye on the kids.  So what to do, what to do, but grow stuff!

The “plan” is to keep the circle and shift the salad greens from the raised bed to the circle along with herbs & create a kitchen garden of sorts.  I’m not sure if I’ll create a wheel or just wedges.  The wheels look great but generally are shown when newly planted. I can just see thyme and oregano trying to take over by summers end.  This was to be a summer project, transplanting when the time was right for various herbs.  But, what’s the saying… “Make Plans and God Laughs?” As it turns out I need to do this now. My sister in law called and said their drive way is being redone.The new layout will take out half of her asparagus bed. Although out of season, if I wanted them I had to get them now. So I have a bucket of asparagus….I think there are close to a dozen crowns in there with a few of them gone to seed to transplant today into the raised bed. Fingers crossed they survive!


Also in the bucket is a bunch of raspberry canes.  Their bushes had these (and many more) shoots popping up about 3 feet from the main berry area.  They were slated to be mowed over.  Again, not the best time to transplant but we were able to get quite a bit of the roots so I’m hopeful they will survive with some extra TLC.

Free = gardening on the cheap and that makes me verrrrry happy!



  1. Katie,

    I love gardening on the cheap!!! I hope things take for you.

  2. Thanks Sandy, wish you were close enough to share

  3. Great idea taking over the pool area. Slow and steady wins the race with gardening!

  4. I think you just hit the lottery with all of the free food! Good for you! I have a tendency of "thinking" things out too much. Sometimes a little "push" helps me to actually get things done.

  5. That old pool area will make a great gardening spot. I am going to transplant some blueberry runners this week. Not the right time to do this either but I have to do things when I can. Hope your new plants do well.


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