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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stick a Fork In Me

I’m done for the day!

I had a really slow start to the morning, I slept in till 7am! Best rest I’ve had in a long while. It’s been sometime since I’ve done that & it sure felt good.

  Rehab for my arm has been going wonderful & can’t be happier with the timing of it all.  Finally able to actually move & do things is so exciting.  My activity level has increased 10 fold from the fall & working outside building the arm strength  has been wearing.  I’ve a lot of muscles to build back up…from all the idleness & I have the stamina of a toddler but, it feels so goooooooood to be outside & pulling my weight around here.

When I got up I found Mr.Fix-it had a back up running on my computer (does he rock or what!)..nearly done & was out cleaning the garage so I enjoyed my coffee outside with Alix.  By the time her Mama came for her I was ready to go outside.

A few weeks ago we’d planted 5 more blackberry canes but hadn’t built the trellis yet so….

Post hole

while he was working in the garage, I got the 3 holes dug.  Took me nearly an hour for a 30 minute job but, I DID IT!!! After a run for the rest of the lumber and we had it finished

Yes, the new canes are under all that grass.  We’d had them marked with stakes but left that section alone so they didn’t get mowed over.  While out there I noticed the first trellis had quite a few canes needing pruned out so I got busy with the clippers. Either I missed them this fall or the last frost we had took them out because I had a wheel barrel full by the time I was done.  But these blooms are so heavy this year!  More than we’ve ever had so I’m hoping for a bumper crop

I tie strips of old Mylar banners we had from the shop on the wire and it helps scare those pesky birds away

More than we’ve ever had so I’m hoping for a bumper crop.

We picked the first of the strawberries last night & were they ever good. So much better than store bought or even the farmers market


This is one of the smaller plants, they are just loaded!

I know I have some picking to do tomorrow morning, looks like there might be enough for a batch of jam.

The broccoli…so far so good.  I check the leaves daily for critters & have yet to notice any those stinkin moths.  Our heat if coming on fast though, 50-60 last week to 80s today with 90’s tomorrow.  Not sure how well they will continue to do in those temps.  We’ve 6 nice heads coming on so I’ll take what I can get.


The beans that were just breaking ground yesterday were 3-4 inches tall today..which is wonderful. But the weeds are growing just as quickly.  Thursday evening I had the blueberries & all the raised beds weed free, this morning you wouldn’t have known it.

My trowel and I have another date tomorrow morning to take care of those I didn’t get today.

About 3;30 we realized we were due at a family dinner by 4pm. It actually was great timing as we both were a bit overheated Good thing it was less than a mile away because we both were stinky dirty and needed showers

We finished up the evening mowing the front and rear fields and then put a few bucket loads of dirt in the flowerbeds at the little house. After tilling and raking we were

Stick a fork in me  DONE!

Hope you had a great weekend



  1. You've been just a busy beaver :-)

    It sounds like your berries are going to provide you with a great harvest this year for jams and special treats.

    The broccoli looks amazing, mines only 2 inches high.

    We have more mowing to do once the rain stops and the grounds dries out a little.

    Have a blessed evening.

  2. Wow you were busy! The strawberries look amazing...lucky you with the planting...ours aren't even in the ground yet! Too early as the frost isn't out of the ground.

    I hope you have a wonderful week.

  3. Wow! You have been really productive. Strawberries won't be ripe here for another 4 weeks or so, but you just made me look forward to when they start comin' on even more. So happy to hear that your arm is repairing so well. What a great feeling indeed!


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