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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Where did the week go?!?!

Guess I blinked and it was GONE!

Mr. Fix-It ran the tiller back through the garden for me, (yes he’s feeling much better) on Monday.  We tilled last week and had rain rain rain.  To wet to plant but the wire grass took off like crazy!   It came in like gang busters and those roots were pretty darn deep.

Tuesday I raked it out and started planting.  Blue lake green beans took up 2 rows, Italian green beans took another 2.  Beets (late going in) took up half a row.  I plan to plant turnips in the other half.  This is my first year planting turnips.  I honestly don’t remember eating them but, we need to grow more of what we can eat so, they are going in.  I’ve heard in recipe's you can mix them in with potato's?    Feel free to toss your favorite tried and true turnip recipes this way!  Scalloped , zucchini, & spaghetti squashes went in next.  By this time Isaiah was home from school and came out to lend a hand (YES child labor) 

Did I tell you how good & freeing it felt to be out in the garden again???  My arm has healed well enough I could do anything I needed.  I admit I was a tad sore after I was done for the day but, I think that was just as much needing to burn winter off my back side

I had a blueberry replacement plant ready to be set, I talked Isaiah through how to do it and he went to town digging.  It was really hard to walk away and turn him loose. The dead plant was pulled out and replaced in a wink.  He did a great job and was so proud he was trusted to do it all on his own.  Level and nice and straight.  Of course he thinks that bush will produce the most fruit because he planted it.   Gah, it starts early LOL!

Isaiah & I were clearing all the weeds from the dirt mound at the end of the garden…it was left over soil from filling the raised beds….weeds have gone to town on it and looks nasty.  we were weeding away, Isaiah was in front of me reaching for the next hand full… when I looked up and saw this


We left it alone as I don’t think its one we have to worry about biting but, we decided it could play by its own slithery self.

Guess I should have posted this earlier as I started it Wednesday & it’s now Sunday PM!!

Since then its been raining off and on. 

Just enough to keep everything wet and mucky.  That’s ok, its less water I have to haul

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!



  1. Your strawberry plants in your title post look great!
    You live in Indiana!! You're not suppose to have any snakes!!
    My Mom is from Linton, Ind. and when we would spend our summers on Grandma and granddad's farm - they always told me not to worry - (we are from Fla. on a lake and there are snakes EVERYWHERE!! We had a hoe on every corner of the house) But they would say not to worry -- We don't have any snakes -- It gets too cold here!! At least you had a hoe or shovel in hand!!
    It IS great being able to be outside again!!

  2. Isn't it nice to be able to get out and get your hands dirty? Just LOVE it ... of course I would have stayed far away from that snake as well!

  3. I spent my first day planting (transplanting actually) in the garden today and it DID feel wonderful! Still not very warm here so I had to cover what I planted with a cold frame.

    We love turnips (rutabagas not so much). And, yes, my mom said they used to have them as kids mixed in with mashed potatoes. Cook both potatoes and turnips together and mash them up. We like turnips best in slices or sticks either raw in salads or on a plate with other fresh, raw veggies and dip. 'Course, they're good in a lot of soups, too.


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