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Monday, May 6, 2013

April Showers?

Come on! It’s May already!

The dogwood are in full bloom. some of my iris are blooming…

The beautiful sunny skies we’ve enjoyed this past week gave way to wet, cold, drizzly rain. At least it washed all the green pollen off the cars.  Our temps dropped 20-30 degrees.with the rain.  Between the pollen (which caused a major allergy problem) and the temp drop Mr. Fix-it spent the weekend coughing and hacking.  The sneezing and coughing has now turned in to a full blown chest cold with chills and fever. 

We had a slow Sunday staying between our house and Erika’s dodging rain drops. In keeping with his theory of “ignore it and it will go away”  he assembled a pre made desk for Erika & changed out flickering light fixture over my kitchen sink. IMG_2417 A break waiting for muffins, some cuddle time and Vegie Tales with Grandpa

He also hooked up a internet signal booster which will reach to Erika’s and allow me to have computer time with my morning coffee on the patio. . So much for keeping a good man down!

He wore out late afternoon with a fever again and settled in to watch the end of the races with supper served in his chair (never happens)  He dozed off and on and was treated with (my crust totally flopped)


a ugly but yummy strawberry rhubarb pie….or so he said.

Derby weekend came and went, attendance was way down with the weather.  Security measures were increases but all the after parties continued.  Saturday morning running errands we had to wait for a line of limos to pass to pull off of our road.  Seems there were many private jets diverted from Louisville International to our little airport.  Since (as the crow flies) its only a few miles away we heard them come in.  All I could think of is the money spent on those flights would more than cover the cost of a green house, hoops for the raised beds & gutters on the little house.

Guess its all a matter of priorities.


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  1. And if you have all the money you could ever spend, your priorities change! When I hear of the cost of a single ticket to, for instance, a pro football game, my mouth drops open and I just. don't. know. what. to. say.

    Hope your hard-workin' hubby can shake his bad cold in speedy quick time. No fun to be battling that when you want to get on with things!

  2. Katie,

    I'm sorry to hear your man was sick and with a fever. The weather doesn't help on bit going from rain to snow and temperatures in the 20's-30's. It's a good thing he stayed inside, kept warm, and had some good home cooking. This always makes a person feel so much better.

    I can only imagine the amount of money spent by people going to the Derby.

  3. Oh gosh, I hope Grandpa feels better soon! Not great getting a cold in the spring. I too can only imagine the money "wasted" on the Derby. I hope you have a great week!

  4. I think this weather had alot of people coughing and sneezing.Took me two weeks to get rid of mine.I did put together some lemon,honey and coconut oil and we drank it and it helped.


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