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Thursday, May 16, 2013

This Weeks Gotta Do List

Most will be quick and easy

I just need to get off my rear and get them done & tell the sewing machine no when it calls my name…but the colors just suck me in.  I head for the laundry room and the next thing I know I’m sewing…which means everything else has fallen way behind. ***Like blog posts!

*Plant flowers on patio-My Mothers Day haul!  Every year after a big family breakfast they take me plant shopping.I’ll have the serial flower picker give me a hand for this job…**Done!  I potted up all the annuals this evening & cleaned the patio while I was at it. 

*Finish knitting a romper –An adorable “Small Things Romper” for a little mans Baptism.**Just the sleeves let to go

*Plant a few more rows of salad greens - Don’t know what I was thinking, what’s in the garden now won’t last more than a week or 2! 

*Chives repotted-  They are nearly busting out the pot and are more than ready for the first hair cut of the season ** Done, part sectioned off to give to a friend who will swap me for some garlic chives woot!

*Leeks in the garden- Late last summer I bought a bunch of babies and stuck them in a pot till I could plant them……I think its way past time (insert sarcasm here)

*Peas planted- Totally forgot the bag in the house when I put the rest in so they will go in tomorrow.  Hopefully not to late to have a small harvest

*House cleaned - It’s a mess nuff said **Part way

*Quilts listed –Quite a few are made and are waiting for photos.  The weather looks to be clear for the week so I need to get-er-done

*Thrift store run-Cleaning out a bit more **Done but I picked up a few shirts to repurpose for quilts

*Change out Easter decorations – Yes the bunnies and decorations are still out on the buffet.

*Turn the compost – I’ve really slacked off in my composting.  Winter, to cold/lazy to get out there? I don’t know but it needs turned and I need to build/create another section.  To much is going in the trash and it’s driving me crazy

Flower beds weeded.- The darn weeks are taking over.  I had one section clear enough for mulch but didn’t get it down so, I get to start over

*Laundry caught up.  *** Most of it,  at least I stopped it from breeding!

*Finish sorting baby clothes – Tubs of clothes the kids had stored here need to be sorted.  Our friends have a new grand daughter & we’ll pass a bunch on to them .  I think most of Alix clothes will be perfect for season/sizing & know they will be put to good use. **3/4 of the way, 2-3 boxes worth ready to mail

*Physical therapy – we have a love hate relationship.  I’ve come so far but the backward rotation is.. slow in coming.   **Done for the week.   Good news is the muscles have released and I can now fully extend/raise my arm…backward extension is still sketchy but I’m confident in my Dr. abilities for a full recovery.

*Get back in the rhythm of blogging!

Have a wonderful week ***Or, what’s left of it!



  1. Oh gosh Katie, that is quite the list! Good luck, I am sure you will be successful!

  2. Katie,

    You have an extensive list, and it looks as if your getting it done too.

    Once you pull your lettuce, put more seeds in it's place. You'll have lettuce throughout the summer if you continue this process.

    Keep up the good work on recovering the full use of your shoulder/arm.

  3. It's the time of year when no matter how fast we run, we can't possibly get it all done. It's like all of a sudden, we have another full time job . . . the one outside! And funny thing, the job we have INSIDE doesn't take a summer vacation. It still needs to be done. I often contemplate sleeping less so I can get more done. But I know from experience, that doesn't work. I just end up moving slower the hours I'm up. (Besides that, I really, REALLY need my beauty sleep!)


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