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Friday, May 24, 2013

What a Beautiful Day!

Overcast and mid 60’s.  A rare cool day so I spent pretty much all day in the garden.

I was up and outside right after my morning coffee.  After this past week of high 80’s mid 60’s felt like heaven & I wanted to take advantage of it while I could

Although it’s late in the season for us I put in 4 rows of peas.   I love them fresh off the vine (rarely do any make it in the house) or dried.  Ever munch on dried peas?  Best snack there is!  Since I’m the only one around here that like them I figured 4- 25foot rows should be enough *snort*


If it’s to warm I’ll have time to plant something else….maybe.

Half of my Mothers Day tomato plants went in this plot, a few behind the garage & I still need to find somewhere for the rest. I considered using the regular tomato bed now that I have the rabbit poo but the one surviving plant has rusty leaves *sigh* From what I read on line in 3-4 sites say not to replant tomato’s in that spot for 5 years or you will continue to have the same problem.  Nothing I read stated I couldn’t plant other things so I believe pumpkins will be put in there..

I went back through the bean rows and reseeded bare spots.  I’m using blue lake bush beans again.  The harvest last year was wonderful.  They are really taking off so I’m hoping they do well again. Last year I had a heavy hand with the seed and over planted…this year I was a bit more careful….hence the bare spots.  I also have a few rows of the wide Italian green beans in.  The oldest loves them so I though I’d surprise her with a few baskets of beans

The rhubarb bed was weeded and the plants look pretty good.  I’ve not had much luck with the tiny corns before so this year I put in plants & have high hopes they make it.   That or I’ll run to the market and stick some stalks in the bed LOL!  I think it would break Mr. Fix-It’s heart if they die

Weeding I found this growing in the corner of the bed


I’m pretty sure its squash so it defiantly needs a new home

Finally cut all the tall grass around the newly planted blackberries. Afraid I’d wack the plants with the weed wacker I thought I’d use the old grass clippers..That was a joke, they wouldn’t cut hot butter!  I ended up running inside grabbing some old craft scissors, plopped my rear on the ground and started cutting. The neighbors across the field are now positive I’m crazy LOL!

  My brother in law must have read my last post and brought me rabbit poo.  So all the berries, well everything in the garden was dressed with some “good stuff”


The strawberries are producing like crazy.

Thank you Mama Pea for all the tips!!


Spinner flower trying to scare off the birds

Our first pickin was literally a handful.  The second day filled a quart container.  This afternoon  I picked over a gallon & there is probably another gallon to be picked in a day or so. I pulled out 3 of the nicer plants, trimmed off the berries & potted up to set runners for next year.

All the squash is up, the salad cucumbers are up but the pickling I re-seeded. I figured if nothing is showing after 10 days…reseed. I may be making a LOT of pickles!

I went out in the morning and other than stopping for lunch kept going till 5 pm.  I kept waiting to get tired.  I was ready to stop but, it felt so darn good to be out and productive! 

Now, if it all produces…I’ll have a few full jars In the basement

Hope you had a great day



  1. Wow, you were busy! There is nothing better than 60 degree weather to work in the garden. So refreshing! I will keep my fingers crossed that your garden is overflowing with goodies this fall.

  2. ~~~~~SNORT~~~~~~~

    Peas fresh from the vine, YUM!!!!!

    Your garden is sounding/looking great. I've never thought about using the moving flower in with the strawberries. I covered mine with bird netting.


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