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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Canners At The Ready!

A month or so a Cabella’s opened up in Louisville. I think My brother in law refers to it as the Holy Land.  He’s there about once a week and trolls through the bargain cave looking for deals. Yes, we are a family of tightwads and always on the look out for frugal finds.

  A few weeks ago he showed up at my house with this….IMG_2335

Retail nearly $100.00 he picked up for less than $20.00!  It has a small surface scratch on the back and tiny ding dent on the edge…..I can live with that!     Then the week after that a co-worker of Mr.Fix-It sent him home with a pressure canner. Much nicer than the one I currently use. Using 2 at a time will save me hours of canning time.  He and his wife are moving to a smaller home in town & will no longer be gardening. This is the same couple who have sent him home with literally hundreds of canning jars & rings. I think they will be the recipients of the “firsts”of many jams this summer as a thank you.  Makes me want to fire them all up right now. I wonder if I step out to the gardens and shout “GROW” if it would help any ?  Nah only the weeds would listen.

Ahh, the blessings of friends & family!

Wishing you a fun family Sunday!




  1. Oh I love a good bargain! Perhaps if I didn't find so many I'd be better off! But where's the fun in that? The thrill is in the hunt :D

  2. Great find!! I love the bargain and clearance aisle.

  3. I laughed on this one ,we know Cabellas too!We usually have a catalog here from them.


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