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Monday, May 20, 2013

Pesky Wabbits!

Loved my maters!

Yes loved, past tense.

They had shot up over a foot tall and were leafing out really well, nice thick tasty stalks *Sigh*  A dozen roma’s, 3 Amish heritage & 2 chocolate cherry.  More than they could say no to I guess because they ate them all down to little nubs  I’d considered letting that small garden section rest this year but planted them anyway.  You could say they changed my mind for me LOL!  The past few years my tomato’s have been wonderful & undisturbed by 4 legged pests.  My BIL happens to raise domestic rabbits & I was lucky enough to be the recipient of the poop & bedding.  Mulched straight into the garden it was the best wild rabbit deterrent I’d found.  This past fall he bought a house about 30 miles away & cut the amount of rabbits they have drastically.  so NO POOP FOR ME (very often)

I thought I’d just let the tomato’s go this year, there are plenty still put up from last year…then my oldest daughter Danielle brought me a dozen more heritage plants! What a sweet heart she is but, now I need to figure out where to put them. 

I still can’t pull my bow so yesterday, I took a couple of bales of straw I’d used as backer for target practice and mulched them in the tomato garden.  No sense letting them rot when I could put them to good use. Trying to get ahead & help smother the weeds and wire grass that would attempt a take over, I was spreading the straw my legs and arms started itching bad..well, I wasn’t looking at what was in my hands I was looking where I needed to spread more.  Turns out there was an ant hill started in that straw!  My arms and legs were covered with ants!  I brushed off as many as I could and finished spreading pretty darn quick.  Thankfully Mr. Fix-It had the hose on & I got them rinsed off ricky tic!. that cold water felt so good. Those suckers bite!  I have more than a few polka dot legs and arms this morning.


Last night we used big red and dropped 4 bucket loads of dirt in the front of the little house.  Some It he dug near the creek.  Its nice and rich soil full of worms but some has bits of clay. Believe it or not this has been tilled ..more to break up the wet chunks so we could move it around some. I’ve nowhere near the compost needed so I’m going to price loads from earth first tomorrow


We left it to dry out for a few days and our 90 degree temps today sure gave it a good start.


Mr. Fix-It ended up needing another MRI on his arm & had it done today.  It started to improve and then went down hill again.  Basically he’s at the point he can’t use it at all. Dr’s are pretty sure something was missed in the last MRI.  Either it didn’t show or, was not properly read….either way, something is really wrong.  I (with my limited medical knowledge you could fit in a tea cup)  think there is/was a small tear and as the strained muscles healed and he started building strength caused the muscle to tear more & create the *take you to your knees* pain.  It’s the only thing that makes sense. It’s not that we want there to be a tear but it’s the only thing left other than nerve damage.

We get the results tomorrow so your positive thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.

Hope you had a wonderful day





  1. Those rotten rabbits! We have problems with them too. Prayers for Mr. Fix It....being in pain is no fun! Have a wonderful day Katie!

  2. Oh I hope all went well with the tests I read this late. Prayers and hugs.


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