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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Has Sprung!

In our little part of the world any way

Every stinkin year I plant rhubarb starts, and they dye.  So this year I caved and bought 2nd year plants.  I know this raised bed may not be quite big enough for all 6 plants but I figure odds are at least one will die and there will be room…if not I’ll transplant half to another bed.  Mr. Fix-It LOVEs rhubarb nearly as much as he loves his blackberries so this is a very exciting addition for us


Before our last frost I started putting in various lettuce, kale and carrots.  We covered the bed with straw when we had a surprise snow but, now I see green peeking through. I’ve been planting additional rows every week hoping to keep our plates full of yummy salads this summer.  Kale will be new to our diets.  I’ve heard so much about Kale chips I really want to try them.  We’ve both had cooked kale in “southern greens” but neither of us cared much for the slimy texture.  I’m hoping to use it in salads and dehydrate for the chips.


The broccoli went in earlier than usual also and is doing wonderful.  I’m hoping to harvest early enough to avoid those darn moths this year. I’d like to make some type of hoop covers to protect them but it’s out of the budget this year


The strawberries are going like gang busters.  As recommended by Mama Pea the strawberry queen (Thank you for the tips) I clipped the plants way back and covered them with straw this winter…The straw mulched in and the plants are stronger and more healthy as ever before. Since this is the 3rd year I’m setting one section aside to let send out runners & start another/ larger bed next year.



This year I intend to plant by the lunar cycles & the farmers almanac. I want to try and follow it as close as I can anyway. I tracked rows I planted in the lunar cycle last year and they proved to be the strongest plants with a largest harvest.  I don’t know weather wise if I’ll be able to plant the entire garden this way but I’m sure going to give it a shot.

Last year we added more top soil to a few low sections.  It’s been loaded with good rich rabbit poo & straw all winter. The garden is tilled, raked and weeded.  By the cycle, beets, turnips and carrots will go in today .the rest is.just waiting for seed next week.

Any green poking through in your neck of the woods?



  1. What fun! Looks great! Still snow on the ground here but hopefully soon it will all be gone. :)

  2. Katie,

    Nice to see your garden beds have green poking out and looking healthy.

    We have strawberries growing like crazy, mint, potatoes and more to plant.

    Love your new face page!

    1. Sandy, the mint is taking over a corner of the side flowerbed. At least it has a fresh scent and cuts back on weeding. Potato's go in this week (I know) I'm behind on those!

  3. Wow, your strawberries look WONDERFUL! Here's hoping you have a fantastic harvest of berries. I haven't even uncovered mine yet.

    The only way we like kale is to pick it small and use it in salads. And it's truly great that way. We eat a lot of it like that and it has no bitter or strong taste if you pick the leaves while they're young.

    You sure are farther ahead on your gardening than we are. More snow forecast for us in the remainder of the week, but I sure hope it doesn't amount to much.

    1. MP thanks for the kale tips, they are so packed full of vitamins I cant pass them up! Any tips for turnips? I've heard mashing them in with potatoes is good....

  4. Steve loves rhubarb too. Love your summer garden. We really should get back into gardening here.

  5. Have you ever tried companion planting to keep pests away? I have no idea what to plant with broccoli to keep pests away, but I have read it somewhere.


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