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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Quilt Progress

Yesterday morning I started with a 2 foot pile of fabric cutting my 21/2 inch strips. IMG_2115IMG_2116

If I had thought this through more… I would have pressed and prepped the fabrics as I pulled them off the shelves.Most had some pretty strong fold marks from storage. ( If I had recently purchased it all it would have been nice and smooth saving me a lot of time.   But this was stash…which saved me a lot of $$$ !.  On the other hand, If I had started pressing it all first,  I would have really seen how much there actually was to cut. YIKES! 

Yardage for a queen size is listed as 6-8 yards.  That is a LOT of 21/2 inch strips let me tell you!


I started pressing and cutting,. For about 2 hours press and cut was my mantra.  When I had a bit from each color cut to strips, I cut the strips to 8 inches pieces with a 45 degree angle on one end. Thankfully about that time Erika popped in and we chatted as she started separating the left and right strips after I trimmed the points.  The company made it go much faster or at least seem to.


When all the strips were cut to length and trimmed, I had a plastic shoebox nearly full of at least 2 inch scrap pieces and a bunch of triangles.  To give you an idea of how many strips there are those are 3 inch stacks of triangles!  I mangled and tossed about half that amount. I’m sure I’ll find a use for these…sometime. 

Luckly Mr. Fix-It had a meeting and wouldn’t be home for supper, which gave me a bit of extra time & was able to get everything cut and ready for sewing.  After a quick break for my own supper I dove in.

Sew a strip & press it down, sew a strip and press it down.

I’m not using a set “pattern” of fabric placement other than alternating light and dark shades

Progress in the morning light


Each strip is about 3 ft long at this point


Before I start back in this morning, I need to straighten my sewing area. Strips were flying for bit last night


I think I need a latte first before I tackle that mess!



  1. Looks GREAT Katie and my you are making progress!

  2. Thanks Debbie, I'm really enjoying watching the colors flow...I only hope my son likes the colors. It's not as green as I thought it would be


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