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Monday, February 18, 2013

Playing With Color

Our son Aaron has been asking for a quilt for quite awhile.  I’ve had in mind a land scape or rather, a beach scape for him as he LOVES the beach & the climate.  It’s one of the main reasons he’s stayed in San Diego after leaving the Navy. My thoughts are hills in the background, beach in the foreground with a rock formation and then the ocean showing the tide flowing out to sea. His favorite beach to run with his dog. I can see it… and almost smell the salty air.  But I know I need to work my quilting skills back up to where they were…that and, I want to have a flannel board for the piecing.

  When I was explaining all this to him he said “Mom, that sound really great but in the mean time, could I just get a home made quilt?”!. And of course my heart just swelled….my baby boy wants a blankie…a Mama made blankie!  . 

He rarely asks for anything…so after sending a few e mails back and forth with various quilt patterns, he chose a “Friendship Braid”


Friendship Braid Quilt photo taken from Pinterest

There are so many variations and this simple style is what he chose….queen size! In earthy colors…think beach and mountains. After stash diving I realized I was pretty shy of oranges/golds and brown so over the weekend I took advantage of a few fabric sales and picked up a few. 

My “plan” is to sash between the strips in a royal navy with an overall border of the deeper green.  But, since it’s a queen size and will take f.o.r.e v.e.r,  I’m thinking to add a 10-12inch landscape border on the bottom with pine trees & blue sky. 


One benefit of all the colors is using up all those odd thread colors I have.

Once I had his approval of the color choices, I started cutting strips this afternoon and had 1/3 of it cut out when it was time to start supper.

Tonight was spaghetti…sauce canned from our summer tomato’s, meat was half (hubby hunted) venison and half (bought 1/2 a beef this fall for an average $1.20 lb)  Pasta I bought on sale this past summer in bulk for .69 a lb. If I don’t count the jars and lids/power It was a meal for 5, for roughly $1.50 with enough sauce left over for lasagna tomorrow night.

Woot! More sewing time! Which I’m going to need every bit I can get with spring right around the corner. Which, for you means there will be quite a few progress posts in your near future!

Think Spring!




  1. Have no fear! The Friendship Braid pattern goes pretty darn fast (once you get all your cutting done). With your sashing and borders planned we'll be seeing the finished product lickety-split. And your son will have the mama made blankie he wants! (Take pictures, lots of pictures!)

  2. Katie,

    That is so sweet that your son has asked you to make him a quilt.
    I agree with Mama Pea, take plenty of pictures......we all want to see:-)

  3. I will be beautiful! Wonderful colors he chose. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. that is so sweet.. I should post pics of the ones that my Brother N Laws sister made for my boys when they were born. She did the letters of their names in the navy signal flags. She did one for each boy. Very Cool


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