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Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Monday MONDAY!

It is sunny and BEAUTIFUL outside today!  Yesterday was overcast,rainy, drab and dreary so the sunshine is a very welcoming sight!  Doors are open with a cold breeze coming in so we layered up and  Evie played with her birthday present.  Yesterday little miss turned 4 although, if you ask her… she’s 15 and now in High School! She spent all morning playing with her new “paper dolls”.

20130211_090512 These are wonderful, made of a 1/2 inch magnetized chipboard, the set has 2 dolls with stands and about 20 outfits that store in the box!  So she was a happy girl playing allllll morning while I finished the quilt top.

It (the quilt top) didn’t turn out quite as I envisioned….not bad but not to my taste. It’s a good thing I got carried away making squares so I have plenty to make another and will list this one in the Etsy shop once I have the back attached.


Once that was done we spent a bit of time outside soaking up the sunshine.  I puttered around on the patio cleaning up small branches, twigs and leaves which had blown in.  It felt so good to be moving in the fresh air.  Checking the pots of bulbs I’m seeing green poking through!   I was so excited I started laughing.   We spent a bit of time in one of the flowerbeds weeding.  Evie helped and my mint has been  um, lets call it “thinned”…..not quite how I would have done it.  Good thing mint grows like weeds and will recover.   The ground was so hard but it felt so good being outside I wanted to be moving.

Tomorrow If it’s nice I think (from everything I’ve read) it’s time to feed the blueberries and add another layer of peat down. Hopefully the rain holds off so I can spread a few bales of straw on the garden.  I see a few weeds trying to pop up and maybe it will help slow them down.

I’m down to a quiet house now and am ready for a fresh cup of coffee & some time with a book….what am I reading you ask?

My gift from Mama Pea that came today!


Since I’m probably the most disorganized person you’ve ever met, I’m hoping it will have some magical powers and I’ll become like Samantha of “Bewitched”…twitch my nose and it will be done….wish me luck!





  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! Happy Birthday to Little Miss! Enjoy the sunshine, we haven't seen it since forever. :(

    1. Miss Evie had a wonderful birthday. Shes so easy to please, pink and princess!

  2. Even though you're not super-pleased with the way the quilt turned out (I know how disappointing that can be but remember someone will think it's PERFECT!) but I know we'd all love to see a picture of the finished project. Show (and tell) is so much fun.

    Glad to hear the book arrived but knowing how much you get accomplished in a day's time, I simply can't believe you're as disorganized as you claim! (Liar, liar, pants on fire!)

    1. MP I decided to add a bit of doodles to the borders...free motion foot should be here tomorrow!

  3. Those paper dolls sound super fun! I think I would have loved them when I was little. It's so nice to hear about a child entertaining herself; not expecting some electronics to do the entertaining for her.

    1. She's pretty good, we don't do the electronics here with the littles, she has play food, babies, kitchen and puzzles coming out the ears.


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