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Friday, February 8, 2013

Staying Inside Sewing

is my plan for the day.

Yesterday was a surprising 71 degrees and I was out running errands in my shirt sleeves.  Today it’s 38 and getting colder.  Balmy weather for you up north with chattering teeth becoming buried in snow I know. I think I would rather have a sustained cold than this roller coaster weather.  So I’m hibernating inside with a bit of sewing

My project this morning, working on a quilt. IMG_2069

The blocks are all cut to size, ready and waiting for me to cut & add the upper & lower borders.  How I’ll actually place the blocks I’m not sure.  I had a great design in mind and accidently trimmed a bunch of blocks 3/4 of an inch to short.  The adage “measure twice cut once” comes to mind!

I think quilting is a bit like life. It may not always turn out as you planned but by using what you have it’s still good!

What are you working on today?



  1. I love the fabrics you have shown so far! Sorry to hear about the mistake in cutting...that always sucks!

  2. Thanks Debbie, it was a jelly roll (you got me hooked on them. I ended up with more blocks than I intended so it looks like there is enough for 2 quilts

  3. The colors are lovely for your quilt!! Your Blog photo of the snow is beautiful!!


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