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Saturday, February 9, 2013


Beautiful 43 degrees and sunny today.  I was able to dry 3 loads of laundry outside on the dry racks today. First time this winter!  Nothing better than sheets that smell of the outdoors when you lay your head down at night.  I don’t at all envy those in the north east keeping warm by shoveling snow!

I made a run to the thrift store to drop off another box of “stuff” and popped inside to check for tablecloths.  I like to find the large heavy woven kind and cut them down & repurpose for napkins.  I can easily get a dozen out of a good sized cloth. ( For $3.95 it’s a pretty good deal as the same fabric new is $6.00-$8.00 a yard in the fabric store.)

But,what I did find was the dollar bin! 

The bin was full of men’s shirts


Perfect for a Split Rail quilt!  A few had been washed but most are 3X (HUGE) and have that stiff new fabric feel & smell.  I almost felt guilty purchasing perfectly good shirts to cut up but…from the dollar bin they get shipped out of the country in those big rag bundles so…my guilt flew out the window.

I did buy the light green stripe on the far left as I needed one more lighter shade…for $2.95 LOL!  So, when I’m done I’ll have right at $13.00 in a quilt top. 

The other quilt I’m stuck on.  I have all the borders on, the squares *squared up* laid it out,  and I’m not happy with it.  Each block was to float on the red polka dot with about 3 inches between each block. The polka dot really makes the reds pop but it looks blech.  something’s missing yet I don’t know what else to add…


Blocks squared and waiting to be placed

Your in-put is requested!

And, is any one else ticked off at these gas prices?  Ours has been bouncing up and down in price .10-.15 any given day.  Yesterday it was $3.43 & I thought Pfft!  I’m waiting a day or so, it’ll go down again….(because every darn time I fill up it drops .10 a gallon the next day) Well, today I’m at 1/4 tank & it’s up to $3.65!  *Palm to face*….& of course I’m down to one bucket of flour &  1/2 bucket of sugar so a run to town is in order tomorrow.

And a rant…..I’m watching the news this morning and the entire 1/2 hour segment is on the Grammy awards…well let me correct myself.  Not the actual awards but the dress code!  What?  A list of about 15 “rules” such as ..No bare buttocks, no bare breasts, no open lace cut outs…What happened to the days of pride?  Not the pride where you show off all God blessed you with!!  The super bowl half time was another disappointment to me.  I’m not a prude but Beyonce could have done more than just whip & flip her hair around.  A friend of mine made comment with all her crotch thrusting, sighs & grunting all she needed was a pole to dance around.  Gah!  Prime time! Family viewing time people!  How about an appropriate performance?!?!?! I was so disgusted.

I guess I’m a prude.  I have no problem with women showing a bit of cleavage or bare back in the appropriate environment but, prancing on stage in what equals lingerie with a bare butt is a bit much for me.  *Sigh* And this is the type of person young girls think they need to emulate!

Off to make coffee and calm down



  1. I must be a prude as well since I feel the same way you do! Love the quilt blocks...very cute and you know what? I would have NEVER thought of using men's shirts for quilt fabric!!! Duh!

  2. Debbie, The oxford cloth style make a really nice quiit. Stripes and solids mixed...just beautiful. But You don't find many in 3 X! Right now I have about 1 1/4 yards of fabric in each shirt (short sleeves) And my shirt button jar will be pretty full

  3. Those men's shirts will make a wonderful quilt and so cheap! That's what original quilts were made from. I have an old family quilt that my grandmother made and when I pull it out when my Mom is visiting - she'll point out her winter dress from elementary school, or a jacket or summer shift - even HER grandfathers overalls! Now that's history!!

    1. What a wonderful memory quilt to have! A long time ago in a quilting mag. there was an article about nuns who made quilts from mens striped shirts...white base with blue &/or red stripes...mixed with solid blocks...Simple quilts that were just beautiful. It's what got me started using clothing. Cotton print skirts are another gold mine of fabric

  4. I just about quit watching t.v. just because of what you said. Truthfully there isn't much good on anyway. Oh, except Duck Dynasty. lol

    1. DH & have noticed most shows are heavy on sex, foul language etc. Romantic scenes are ruined...a simple beautiful kiss (which would have been enough) followed by full on sex. I guess writers no longer have the ability to create a full story line. 5 minutes of story the rest sex and commercials gah!

  5. That's a super idea to buy used shirts for your quilt. I think some of those bundles for rags you mentioned end up here in Nova Scotia at our big thrift store, Frenchies. But they aren't sold as rags. They are sold as used clothing! lol True story!

    1. You know most of those clothes they bundle have been in the store for less than a month, there is a 4-5 week rotation of garments. They bale them in HUGE bales and ship them out.....so it may be we get yours and you get ours!

  6. You sure did score big with all those shirts for a quilt! You were in the right place at the right time.

    Does your red polka dot fabric read as too much of a solid? Is that the fabric in the upper left hand corner of the picture? The red would make the reds in the blocks pop, but if it reads as a solid maybe it tones down the whole quilt too much. The blocks are very colorful and cheery so perhaps need a fabric more "out there?"

    Regarding a dress code for entertainment (that's questionable in my book) events, it's about time they issued some restraints. Sexuality is being made a dirty word the way it's exploited and flaunted. We are going to he!! in a handbasket, and I sincerely hope it stops before we topple like the Roman Empire.

    1. Hmmm may be to tonal...I'll post other pics for your valued opnion!

  7. Great score on mens shirts for your quilt!!!

    I watched the game just for the game and some commercials (we didn't have cable for the longest time, then recently we picked up Uverse). As for half time, I didn't watch it. That was my time to flip the chicken in the oven, and continue cutting the veggies.
    Television is not entertaining any more. Every now and then we can pickup a good show on the history channel or discovery.
    The news is not the new, it's ratings TV, I would give anything to have Walter Cronkite and Paul Harvey back and reporting.

    We need America back!

  8. Hey andy! Good to see you! Oh, I miss Paul Harvey! I grew up listening to him 2 times a day, my folks were big fans. When I was stationed overseas I was listening to Armed forces radio and Paul Harvey came on....The first time I heard him I cried and was so homesick! Late on my kids grew up listening to him. Such a losswhen he died


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