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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Are you sick of this quilt yet?

Just tell me when enough is enough because I ‘m so tickled with the way its turning out….well, I’m going on and on.

While I had to wait for the blue to work on the bottom panel, I wanted the work on the quilt to continue some how.  And because I’m a cheap penny pincher  frugal person (bahahahah)

I took this pile of scrap & started sewing them together.IMG_2143 

Just randomly grabbing pieces and sewing them together willy-nilly which gave me this

IMG_2146and then this IMG_2154

Binding ready and waiting when (if ever) I get to that point!

Last night I was able to get the “trees & trunks”


made & will sew those panels together, and then on to the main quit this afternoon.

I hope.

Have a wonderful Sunday!



  1. Don't know about anybody else but you can NEVER put up too many posts about quilting in my opinion! Love to see the process and how other quilters' minds work. I've done scrap bindings quite a bit and am always tickled with the way they turn out. They add just that little extra bit of interest without detracting in any way from the quilt. I mostly choose bright, deep, rich colors to work with so you know this quilt really appeals to me!

    1. Oh my gosh, I'm having so much fun with this one! With limited sewing time today, I've gotten a bit side tracked playing with all those trimmed triangles...

  2. Katie,

    Keep posting about making this quilt, I'm never bored from it!!!

    I love the colors you selected.

    1. Thanks Sandy, I love rich bold colors & have all kinds of ideas for the scraps...but I promised them to my oldest to use...Gah!!! Oh well, she will hae fun too

  3. Never bored with watching a quilt being created right before my eyes! Aren't you just a clever girl with sewing all those scraps!

  4. Keep posting. More details please. You might inspire me to try it someday.


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