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Sunday, February 10, 2013


OK, to clarify, here is the inspiration…..a simple quilt I found on Flickr…http://www.flickr.com/photos/56295730@N04/5384823681/in/pool-sunflowerseedsimadeit/ I’ve taken a few liberties with the design

I felt the over all red was a bit to much.  It was taking on a Christmassy feel

so I went back to the store and found a compliment turquoise (of course they were out of the original) to use as a 1 inch border.


And then more of the smaller print for the binding. Anything I have left of the prints will be a scrappy back with the turquoise as the base


What do you think….Mama Pea, do these photos help?

Now I have been known to get a tad bit carried away with color…so don’t be shy about speaking up


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  1. Okay, these are just suggestions . . . you've got to make the quilt so that YOU'RE happy with it, right?

    How about putting the flowered print as the border next to the red polka dot and using the turquoise as binding? Did you try laying out your blocks with each alternating "3 strips" going the opposite way? (You know, one block with the three strips going up and down, the next one with the three strips going left to right.) Too jumbled for the eye . . . or would it add more interest?

  2. I love the binding and turquoise! It matches so well. :)


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