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Monday, February 18, 2013

It Only Took 9 Years Or So….

What a week!  I’m so glad it’d done.  Mr. Fix-It was out of town most of the week.  He had business in San Diego & was able to share a few evenings with or son AJ.!!!  Other than a 2 day turn around for our daughters wedding last year we’ve not seen him. I know they both really enjoyed the time together.

Boy howdy am I glad he’s home now.  I don’t sleep well at all when he gone.and this time was no exception.  I saw the clock flip to 3 am one night and 4 another.  And why do the normal night house settling noises sound comforting when they are home yet so ominous when they are gone?  Such a sweetie I have, he came home Valentines Eve bearing  A pot of “Love Story Lilies”and a box of Lindor truffles….he knows me so well!

I did have a productive week though. I finished the red quilt & have been attempting to finish some projects which have been laying around for years.  Sorting through the basement a few weeks ago,  I found 4 quilts in various stages of completion.  So, before starting another (like the shirting quilt) I was determined to actually finish one of those started…over 9 years ago. It took a bit of digging though my quilting patterns & books to figure out which pattern I used.  I had a few of the strips started but no notes….because of course I would remember…in my defense we re arranged the basement and I lost my sewing room. I got a new space with lots of wonderful shelving for fabric storage but no sewing area.  Sewing upstairs was to disruptive so projects were boxed and packed up for a while…and at the time, I was pretty burnt out of any sewing.

So now, I have notes with each planned quilting project. I also have swatches taped to another note tucked into the appropriate quilt book just incase I loose the note in the bag

Hey, I’m shooting for organized here!


It finished out measuring 49 X 33.5 (before washing)

Anyway, I finally remembered the design layout.  I think it’s called “Broken Pinwheel”?  Whatever, flaws & all it’s done. 

Next up…a long overdue quilt for my son. He chose a braided quilt in natural earthy colors…time to do some serious stash diving!

But first my house needs some serious attention with a cleaning & dust rag after the weekend sewing marathon. 

Well, maybe after I cut a few strips for Aaron’s quilt

Wishing you a colorful day!


  1. You found only FOUR quilts in various stages of completion?? Ha! I could go to a box of UFOs (Does that make me organized in that I have them all together in a box? Please say it does.) and pull out a few more than four!

    Love the colors and design of the quilt you completed.

    Be sure to share the stages of your son's braided quilt with us. That sounds really interesting.

    1. Haha 4 quilts is all I will admit to! No telling the amount of tote bags half made that are down there

  2. It looks great and doesn't it feel good to have it finished! That should give you motivation to finish the others.....at least there are only 3 more. LOL

    Glad to hear your Dh made it home safe and sound. Have a wonderful day!!!

    1. OH, It does Debbie. Now my mind is full of table runners and holiday gifts.

  3. Looks good! Isn't it awful when we are home alone suddenly everything is scary! I have an attack Dachshund and I leave all the lights on! :)

    1. We used to have a goldie that would alert to unususal noises but he passed nearly a year ago. The freedom of no pets is a drawback when DH is gone

  4. Gosh i wish you were closer. I have been trying to find someone that quilts that can give a quilt my grandmother made me before she passed a make over. It is 30 years old, torn in spots, and in over all bad shape.

    I hate being alone too, Senior is going camping this coming weekend, and even though the boys will be here, I am dreading it...

    1. You know, you might check a local quilting shop to see if there is someone that may help restore/preserve your treasure for you....just ask for references!


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