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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Had to try it again

One thing you may have caught on to in my few years of blogging is, I have very little patience with myself.  If I can’t do something correct (or at least OK) the first time I rarely try again.  I’d get frustrated with myself, the waste of resources,the time and… it made me feel really stupid.   What ever “IT” was, became like the big hairball dust bunny under the bed…you knew you really should get it but, just shut the door instead.

Well, for Lent I’m doing instead of ignoring avoiding. Let me tell you I’m so ready for Lent to be OVER!!

I’ve had all kinds of things I’ve avoided the past few years smack me in the face these past few weeks. 

You can laugh if you’d like but this pile was one of those “things” .IMG_2124Triangles were one of the design blocks in quilting I ‘tried once’, screwed up royally and never attempted again.  I was snickering as I started to sweep these suckers into the waste basket thinking “so long fare well you stinkin triangles”  (that’s the clean version any way) And then I realized this was one of those things …..cause if it wasn’t I would have tossed them as I cut.

Instead of working on the quilt today, I had to mess with the triangles because I didn’t want to…sound crazy?

Anyway, I pretended like it would be fun. Like you would with a kid sending them to do a chore they didn’t want to do?  Make a game of it blah blah blah…   

And you know what?

I really had fun!

I wasn’t worried about producing anything, I just played with shapes to see what would happen


Perfect didn’t matter, playing and learning did.  Some came out pretty wonky, others only “kinda wonky” I’m still catching on to which points to match on the second seam but I’m pretty pleased with the progress


The "best of the lot I made into a Rug Mug.

Mug RugMugrug2

Anyone need a Mug Rug?

Now, if only all the “things” I’m running into would be this easy…


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  1. They look pretty cool to me- but then I'm too impatient to try real quilting. I like the way the blue and gold blends together.

  2. Those turned out really cute! I gave up chocolate for Lent...I didn't realize that giving up chocolate would be so HARD!!! LOL Maybe your son would like a mug rug for his bedside table to match the wonderful quilt you are making?

    1. Thanks Debbie, they are a blast when I just don't care LOL!

  3. I love the Mug Rug... Yes I could use one of those babies.. : )
    You are so talented...I love it

    1. Thanks! The Mug rug will be on it's way to you shortly :-) By the way, your cards came and are just stunning! Can't wait to use them...I need to blog about those tomorrow...

  4. Maybe it's my untrained eye, but those quilt squares look pretty amazing to me!

    1. Aww, thank you. They are not quite straight and not square but it was the proess not the end product so I'm good with it. I do think I'll start adding this to future quilts....maybe

  5. I think when we give ourselves permission to let the need for "perfection" go, the true creative genes come spilling out. If you ask me, your "messing with the triangles" came out pretty cool! Who wouldn't like a Mug Rug like that??

  6. Oh, the struggle to learn new habits! The quilt squares look fantastic however. Well done.


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