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Friday, March 8, 2013


from the cold but burning up the sewing machine.

  I started diving into the fabric stash.  I needed a pick-me-up and some instant gratification.  I started out making a table runner for Easter (now that we have a dining room table)…quick and easy way to decorate.  I got just a little carried away cutting the squares out. When I realized I had double what I needed,  I decided to make one for my Mother in law.  Her table seats 10 or 12 but when we get together once a month for family dinners, we also use 2 round  tables which each seat 8.  My husband is the eldest of 6 children.  We are a very prolific family so family gatherings resemble a clan gathering….3 generations totaling 20-30 people at a minimum.  

Anyway, back to table runners.  My MIL has 2 table runners.  One for Christmas which comes out in October or so, and is on her table long enough I don’t remember what the other looks like…but I’ve heard rumors it exists.  

So, here is her Easter/Spring Table Runner

MIL Table runners

The 2 smaller candle mats are for the round tables.

Sorry for these cell phone photos, it was a quick '”do you thing she’ll like it” pic for my SIL

Ours is also completed, I just realized I forgot to take a photo.

I decided since the dining room was covered in fabric I might as well keep going and cut out a baby quilt.  It’s made of half Hexi

Splash Jelly Baby Quilt

This was my '’cheat sheet” photo on my phone. It sure came in handy when I was sewing those rows together.  It’s done except (you guessed it) waiting for borders and backing….

I finished cutting up those shirts and harvesting all the fabric for a log cabin quilt or split rail….I’d not decided which but thought the shirting called for an old pattern.  

Then I saw this one

Old Glory

old Glory

She’s not done, needs her borders and backing which I’ll pick up today.

Since the shirting was still out ….

house quilt wip.

covering my dining room table I figured I’d see what else I could do with it and

Welcome to the Neighborhood

House quilt

oops, I need to fix that ripple in the bottom row

is nearly done. I put it together today, the houses are 10 inch squares so it was pretty quick to piece. But that leaves me with another waiting for borders and backing.

  I need to total yardage I need for all those borders and backs & at 1 AM…my brain is not firing on all cylinders.

I’m crawling off to bed

PT in the morning and then the fabric store. 

I may even treat myself to lunch.

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  1. Love them all. Our family dinners always average 20 to all 35 so I know what you are talking about family wise :)

  2. They're all lovely. Those hexagons must take forever to put together!

  3. You have really been burning up that sewing machine! Might as well because once spring hits, I KNOW you will live outside! They all look lovely!

  4. They are so wonderful! I love your use of shirting for quilts. Never thought of that before. And I've had it with quilting, for the moment, but I'm storing the shirting idea in the back of my head for the future. If I ever quilt again.

  5. All of them are pretty and a nice blend of your colors! Amazing how you can have so many projects in the works!!

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