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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday & Completed works

Remember this well loved  birdbath the neighbor was going to toss out because it was dirty & yucked up?

Mr. Fix~it & Isaiah pulled it out and sanded, washed, and sanded some more….A trip to the hardware store for paint (but I know I bought a can already) after a few hours of drying time…….

dbath longies 002

I love the way it turned out, blending in rather than standing out.  A great addition to my front garden.dbath longies 003

The birds found it fast, and have been enjoying splashing around…hanging on the sides..of course they all stop to admire the stepping stone Isaiah made me a few years ago.  They know great art when they see it!

I finished one pair of the large longies I posted yesterday.

dbath longies 006

Fun outside play colors to hide stains. The others should be completed this afternoon.

What job did you tackle? 

Or, in my case have tackled for you?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Works Completed & in Progress

I’ve been knitting like a mad woman  crazy trying to restock the Etsy store with longies

evie longies 011 

I thought I had it & could take a break  but…Of the last 8 pair listed only 2 are left!

works 002  So, I’m back to knitting like a mad woman  crazy to restock.

I have 3 pair on the needles now…..

This first pair are a size medium,  knit of mid-weight wool in Pinks, Teals & Purples & will be great for day wear

works 001

The second is a large pair of super thick and thirsty wool.

Primary colors of Red, Green Blue & Chocolate brown

I have another pair of Cascade, in 2 shades of Green about half completed

I try to keep a balance of either gender  & gender neutral in stock….but, if there are colors you’d like and don’t see….let me know. 

Erika & I spent a few hours Saturday matching trims to color~way’s.  I now have bagged and ready to knit…..26 pair of longies!  We did not match the color~ways still in hanks or drying from the dye pot….only those I’d rewound. 

To say I have a busy winter knitting ahead of me….. is putting it lightly.

I also need to get busy on a few sweaters for Evie & Isaiah also as fall is just around the corner.

Lets not discuss the mound of cloth diapers cut and ready to sew

So what’s on your hook or needles or you upcoming winter projects?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Email From Ania & Yes more photos!

Hello My Family !

In the name of my lovely parents and my wonderful Husband we wanted to thank you again for attending the wedding and being there for us on that special day.You were the part of the party and you made it fun for everybody .

I hope that this day was as memorable for you as It was for us. Now we can say that that was the most beautiful day of our lives.

We wanted to invite you to view the wedding gallery :


Enjoy !

Ania and Aaron Cunningham - The young and happy newly married couple

***They were married August 1st.  In Poland it is the national Day of  1st Harvest.  A celebration of the Gods Grace and Earths Bounty. 

*** The photos are that much more precious as Ania’s mother has just been diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer.  We knew she was in pain but not how much.  Ania has remained in Poland to assist her mother thru surgery.  We are waiting to hear if/what course of treatment she will receive.


Sometimes life’s just not fair

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Friday, August 21, 2009

I can deal with the different choices made……can you?

At a recent gathering…..Someone said we live a “settled for life”. 

The comment was said with a smile but, in a snide undercutting tone ….that we are stagnating here in the Midwest.  Lacking “culture” that only the west coast hustle & bustle can provide. 

Where People really LIVE! 

Where there is opportunity and action! 

That we raised our  children with the crutch of  Faith, and closed their minds  to new opportunities.  That they were raised in the sticks.  There were other mocking comments made,  I’m sure with good intentions about things that needed to change in our adult children's lives.  

So they did not end up like we are.

I bit my tongue for the most part……and if you know me at all…….  well, I‘m sure your shocked.  It just was not the time or place to respond.    I was angry, very, very hurt &  felt like I had taken a verbal slap.

  And now, after a lot of thought  (and yes a lot of prayer) I’m so glad I did not respond.

Because  although they may have listened…… but I don’t believe they would have heard

But it made me think, were we wrong in some of the choices we made?  Possibly, what parent hasn’t wanted a situational “do-over”…decisions were made in the best interests of our children’s lives.

No, we didn’t give them every “thing” they wanted.  We gave them a lot of love, security….what they needed.

We taught them how to Pray, work & earn what they wanted.  

Yes they saw us struggle at times, but they learned some things are worth struggling  & fighting for.

Cars, they had when they bought them.  Driving is a adult responsibility, its a privilege that comes with age & maturity.  If your not mature enough to work & save for the car, your not mature enough to drive.  Don’t ask to use the one I worked and saved for.  As adults they understand a car is not who you are.  A car is a tool, and take care of them as such.

It always amazed me how many things they chose not to buy with their own money

No we don’t live in a large well decorated Mc Mansion.   Could we now? Yes, but we choose to live in the home we created with our family.  No, Its not ever eat off the floor clean, and often very cluttered.  But we  live here.  Curl your nose at my well loved furniture & hand written growth charts on the panty door.  My art work is not framed & matted, its drawings on construction paper taped on the refrigerator door. 

Yes we were controlling parents.  we wanted to know where they were, who they were with and what they were doing. And, God help you if you lied.   Its called love, caring, responsible parenting.

Yes we were mean parents, super was ready when the chores were done….and don’t think of coming to the table until they were.

Yes we gave them the gift of letting them make mistakes and fall down… but,…they learned how to stand back up and recover from bad choices… in the safety net of a loving family.  As adults that gift has served them well.

Yes we made them perform community service.  From soup kitchens, to community park revamps, assisting in creating a literacy center, yard work for elderly who no longer could.  Why? because there are those who can’t & they learned to be thankful for the abilities and gifts they had…& know how blessed they are.  It was so terrible they all continue community service in one was or another as adults

Yes we say Grace over our non gourmet meals, and everyone is expected to add at least 2 things in which they are thankful.  Some how family always takes the top of the list.

Yes we “uncultured hicks” know there are thousands of brands of wine.  But if we only enjoy 5-6 why would/should I purchase the others “just to have them”?

No we did not visit a lot of City museums and art galleries through the years.  We visited Gods.  Nature has provided the most wondrous  & satisfying color pallet thru our “gym” Camping, swimming, boating, hiking, bicycling, nature…up close & personal.

Yes we are more comfortable in our polo’s or shorts than we are heels and ties.  But we chose these garments years ago when we walked away from the suits & ties.  But, they are still in the back of the closet when we need them.

Yes, They were raised to stand firm in a foundation of Faith & know God.

They understand that although they are loved and highly valued, the world does not revolve around them.

Yes they were taught not to judge a person by the color of  skin, clothing or situation…but by the heart. They also learned to respect another’s ways and cultures.  Even if it was not theirs.

We know our neighbors by name.  Do you?  Would they show up on your door step at 3-4 am because the lights are on saying what’s wrong and how can I help?

Would they come close your garage door for you because you left it open in your rush to get to work that morning?

That the view from my backyard is different than yours doesn’t make it wrong...it just  makes it different.  I can deal with the different choices made……can you?

Settle for life style?  Well, maybe so.  We are happy.  We like where we live and what we do and take pride in it.  We have friends that would be there & I mean truly be there for us in minutes if we called, others that would show up because they knew we needed help.  Unconditionally, without any expectation.  That’s the type of friends our children are. 

We raised strong children.  Who make their own choices.  Live their own lives.  Do we nudge, suggest, sure were human.

Yes they know no matter where they go or what they do unconditional love and support are only a phone call away

I thank God for this “settled for life”….That we raised our  children with the love of  Faith, and opened their minds  to new opportunities.  That they were raised in the sticks. 

If my Adult children are hicks because they say please & thank you or Ma’am & Sir when they address an elder or someone they respect, hold a door open, help someone with grocery bags, are educated, hardworking,  respected members of society…..

Then quite possibly being a uncultured hick in the sticks is a good thing.

Friday Thoughts With My Morning Coffee

I love  having my morning coffee outside

Well, I love just about anything out side. 

mornings 004 mornings 001

I enjoy watching the sunlight as it plays with the flower petals, changing color and shape

mornings 003

I love the sights that mean young life is near

mornings 008

I see work yet to be done. 

Imaginary and real…wood to stack, roads to build, gardens to weed

mornings 009

Life that was and forever will be…

mornings 006

And I am Happy

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mr. Fix~It Has a New Helper

Isaiah doesn't know it yet but,  he now has to share tractor time Tractor 003

Evie spends a lot of time outside with us on the patio or garden and always comes alert and watches Grandpa on the tractor.  I thought it was just startling at the noise. 

Tonight her Mama took her closer to watch & she reached out ……and got her first ride.

After the 2nd pass Erika reached to take her back & she screamed her head off

Just like some one threw a switch

She stopped crying as soon as Erika handed her back to Grandpa….

on the tractor

Tractor 004

Isaiah will share anything that he knows is safe with her but,

when it comes to tractor time……

Houston we may have a problem

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi H0

It’s Off to Knit I go

dwarf 008dwarf 006   dwarf 004 dwarf 007

An Etsy customer asked me to make hats for her families Halloween Costumes…

You guessed it

The Seven Dwarf’s

I just happened to have a victim model handy & bribable willing to let me size hats on his little head.

As it was 90 degrees he was absolutely thrilled.   Just sat there and stared at me..you know the look. 

They learn it so early

His sitting fee?

2 hats, one this same lime green

the other will be orange

the color orange that can only be called


I’m sure his Momma will be thrilled

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ever work on a project that just brings it all back?


Remember a few nights ago being a kid laying back on the grass at night looking at the stars? Growing up we camped in the Sierra’s every year.  Between burping contests and “what if “ games my sister Carol & I would watch for shooting stars across a changing colored sky.  My mother bless her heart had selective hearing at times.  Let kids be kids unless we got to loud…then we would hear “GIRLS!   Do I need to come over there?”  Some things never change do they? 

Ever work on a project that just brings it all back?

Space Odyssey Longies did that for me.  An odd color combo which I was not sure of at first…

Shades of blues & grays touches of white and lime green.  I knew I didn’t have enough for a full pair so I pulled the Gray color with striping

Custom hat 007  Super soft, thick warm and cozy. 

These will be great for some little one to ….learn about laying under the starts & play what if games & create a new generation of memories

What memories are you creating this summer?

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Play & Completed Projects

We had our bonus  Granddaughter Raven for  a extended weekend. Isaiah loved having a playmate.  Friday they were up early & outside playing while I worked in the garden. 

Sidewalk chalk kept them busy for the better part of an hour. 

They left MR Fix~it a drawing….in hopes they could talk him in to a ride on the ATV…showing how the could all fitmore Longies 007 

87 degrees by 9 am & we were all hot.  This is what I found waiting for me on the driveway when I came out of the garden….after thank you hugs and kisses

more Longies 008

They asked, can we go in the pool now? 

I knew they were up to something!

Little stinkers!

more Longies 003 Speaking of stinkers, This little Diva is crawling!  I was sitting in the kitchen the other day, felt something brush against my leg & almost swatted it thinking it was a fly….

It was Evie, standing up holding onto the chair!

Pool time provided a bit of knitting time…..ok, a lot of knitting time.  We nearly lived in the pool this weekend to darn hot! A medium pair of mid weight Sheepy Pants more Longies 011

more Longies 017And a nice heavy weight sleep sac.  Both still need to be listed but, they are done! 

The neighbors across the field had a granddaughter visiting for the weekend also.  All 3 are normally “only” children aside from babies so having playmates was like heaven for them all.

We had a bit of bickering but a lot less than I would have expected…which should have prepared me for

more Longies 009

what came next…..

They were riding the garage door! 

To give a bit of perspective, the brown on the door is 3 ft tall

They would get the door within arm reach, grab hold and hit the button and “ride it till they got scared” and drop to the ground.  I was inside getting supper ready, the neighbor came flying across the field & said when she saw them their feet were above the top of my GMC Van before they dropped.  After we recovered from near heart attacks we nearly wet ourselves laughing.  Where do they come up with this stuff!…….

Hmmmm I wonder how much weight that door will take……..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Longies Stocking at Katidids

This Past week I’ve been getting ready for Fall, In the house and  the Etsy Store. Longies have been on my “list” to knit but time has flown!   Leaves are starting to dry & curl, school buses will be running….Longies are past due needing stocked!  When we went to Poland I had all these great plans to return with 6 pr completed…pfft!  So, this past week I’ve been a knitting maniac  machine. 

Here is new stock listings


Size large, mid weight, Great for Daytime use.

Longies 010

Space Odyssey

Grays, blues, lime & touches of white.

As you can see still on the needles, hope to finish these tonight.

Size Medium, nice and heavy. 

I think there is enough for longies I’m striping them

but it will be close

Longies 004


Rocker Girl

Pinks, Grey to Black.

Size Medium… soft thick & thirsty!

Longies 006

Alaska Lass Revisited

Lighter shades of a custom toddler Capri

Size Medium, Super soft.

Pinks,  Lavenders & Purple

 Longies 007

All listed in Etsy and ready for shipping!

So what's on your needles?

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Can You Smell It?

The soft scent of Fall….

Leaves are starting to curl &  turn on the trees behind the house.  I’m not ready for it it yet.

Spices 004

I feel like summer has just started.   Outside this morning It is just 70 with 79% humidity…. much cooler than last nights 79 degrees & 85 % humidity. 

With all the rain the past few weeks, I think the total is 7 inches, the garden is taking off like crazy.  I had to pull the beans I let grow for next years seed as was just to wet.  I’ll have to string them to dry today.

I shredded  3 more zucchini last night and froze it for loaves of bread this winter, I love zucchini bread with soups & stews.  Also enough peppers ripened to chop and fill a gallon freezer bag.  It will be nice to have them ready to use, just reach in and grab a hand full as needed. 

The tomatoes should be ripening this week & next.  Ours like most others in the area have been so slow growing this year and are on the small side.  I had hoped to have enough to can all the sauce, juice & salsa we go thru but, they are on the small side and produced less than half of what we would have  expected, so I’m not counting on it.

My daughter Danielle has been very successful growing herbs.  Oregano, Basil, Mint & Sage to name a few.  She cuts it back, peals the leaves if needed & stores them in her freezer.  I’m trying my hand at drying them this year.

 Spices 003

The hard part will be finding somewhere arid enough to dry it as the humidity is high in the house also. 

Well, I hear a few weeds in the garden calling me & hopefully enough cucumbers for another batch of pickles…

The laundry mountain is building….I’ve been waiting for the humidity to drop to hang outside but Mr.. Fix~It will be expecting some clean socks so I’d better get busy.

What’s on your To~Do List Today?

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday…Weeds


A  simple small 4 letter word….that can make you want to say a few other 4 letter words!

Home 132

It was quite a chore as you can see…..

I got them taken care of  today. Well most of them.

   Home 131

They took over the flowerbeds and garden while we were gone Home 129

The line between garden and grass had been lost….Home 128

I think I pulled as much as I left behind.

My cucumbers are producing like crazy or, they were.

The last load of rabbit poo has Buddy all excited,   He’s been  rolling in it and rolling into the cucumbers crushing many of the vines.  The next few days should tell if they will make it.

The lone “Monster Mater” Plant behind the garage.  To give you a perspective of its size, the brown section of siding is 3 ft tall.  Hence the name Monster Mater.

Its loaded and has almost as many on it as the rest of the plants combined

Home 137 

Which makes me very excited that I was gifted with these jars.  There are 11 cases in allHome 138 

I imagine or hoping I’ll be filling the majority of these and more by the time the harvest is complete

What was your “Tackle it Tuesday?”

Monday, August 10, 2009

You Play, You Pay…Catching Up

In my carry-on I took knitting for 2 pr of shorties…..

this is as far as I got….

again no knitting on the plane! 

Home 109

This bit was done on short drives, to much to see to knit much.

I’ve been knitting off and on constantly trying to catch the store up as fall in on the way & I need to stock longies.

Were also catching up on things gone undone while we were gone..

A bushel of corn to be shucked Friday night

Home 110 I spent Saturday canning 24 pints of corn & 12 pints of pickles fresh from the garden

Home 123

With my new pressure cooker I found on sale. 

I have a OOOOld one that is supposed to be one of the best cookers you can use.  I have no idea where or when I got it but, it needs gaskets, weights & handles…..will take a few months for parts to come in so I was thrilled to find this one on sale. Having 2 will be a bonus to speed canning along!

Mr.. Fix was out on the tractor nearly the entire day mowing ,& weeding.  He spent quite a bit of time in the play area weeding..which had gotten away from us.

Home 127

Erika has been making baby food for Evie.

Home 119

Yesterday, she killed my blender.  Poor thing has been put to hard use these past few months and we burned the motor up. Luckily she had a coupon for 15% any purchase at Kohl's & I had $20.00 Kohl's cash…turns out Blenders were on sale…we got 2…one for each of us…. for LESS than the price of one.

It was a busy but productive weekend!

We have a new family living with us…

Home 117I picked this Birdhouse up a few years ago on San Padre Island, Texas when my nephew got married.

I love weird cute outdoor decorations..any ways its hung empty and un used until this year

Home 115

I like think it was just waiting for the right family

How was your weekend?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Wedding

Was held at the beautiful Basilica

of the Immaculate Virgin Mary and the St Philip Neri built in 1668

The younger Priest, bless his heart learned English to Alternate polish & English for the the American parents & guests.  That he took the year to learn another language to say the Homily in English was a total surprise to Aaron & Ania.

The actual wedding vows were said in Polish.  The phrase in “till death do us part” in Polish is a bit tricky……

IMG_0236  IMG_0246 IMG_0237IMG_0240 IMG_0244 

It is very similar to the word rotting stink, stinky or smelly…when practicing his vows the older priest was very upset as Aaron pronounced it wrong….Irate the older priest told him he would stop the wedding if he did not pronounce all the words correctly

So with baited breath we all waited to be sure he would love, honor & cherish Ania till death not stink parted them.

IMG_1086He got it right, on all counts!


The bride and groom are showered with coins, money to start a life together,  and rose petals for an abundant life & rice so they never know hunger

***Here in the states there is the formality of seating the guests, etc….   there was nothing like that…. every one just entered and sat down.  They do not  traditionally have groomsmen or bridesmaids, but witnesses.  They also leave the alter to sign the marriage certificate before pronouncing them husband and wife.  The total focus was on the sacrament of marriage…….as it should be.

There is not a reception/receiving  line, after the wedding the couple stands outside the church to receive bouquets of flowers, good wishes,  coins and gifts from friends & family…..and any one else passing by.

The “State” only recognizes a civil union,   so couples marry at the “court house and have a one year wait prior to marriage in the Church. Similar to the old way of “hand-fasting”.   There are no disposable marriages in Poland.  This is a life long commitment.  You have one year to decide if it is really what you want.