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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tajci.....An Angels Voice

A few (3 or 4) years ago our church had Lenton small study group gatherings. We loved it and missed it terribly when it ended at Easter. So, with 4-6 other couples decided to keep it going on our own. We rotate gathering in each others homes, some one brings snacks, and another chooses a scripture study topic. We come together once a month. Sort of a Sunday school with a twist. We have developed some wonderful life long friends, the kind you can trust with anything, your heart....the true you. Whats said in group...stays in group. In our house we call that "Kitchen Table Rules" Sure we have differences, ages, incomes, life experiences..... but that's the great thing, learning to look at scripture thru another's heart.
With this month falling in the Lenton season I'm sure part of the topic will concerning the Crucifixion. After the chosen reading, a discussion would follow of how it relates in our lives.
As a mother, watching my children blossom & grow walking the paths in life they have chosen may often be painful. Seeing them.... Falling down and getting back up, only to be stronger. Sometimes its an illness bandage's, cuddles and kisses cant fix. Dreams shattered, new ones made... goals, priorities & responsibilities shifting. As tough as it is sometimes we have to let them trip and fall, to learn they can pick themselves back up & sometimes start over.
But can you imagine being Mary?
Tomorrow night as our "Group Gathering" we are all going to a concert to see "Tajci"
She has a story that is indescribeable, coming to the USA, traveling the country with her family sharing her gift & faith.
Right now Silently is my favorite.

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