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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Been a While....

Wow, I can’t believe how long it’s been. Every one is fine, little Evie is growing like crazy. I can see Erika in her eyes but other than that she is her Daddy all over again. Feet and all this child has huge feet, all arms & legs.
I was worried about her coming home sweater being to big so, I make another….still needs buttons but it fit. Again I used the Sweet Mama~Small Sugar Kimono pattern & the scraps of the first. I really liked using the GGH Tara. It is very easy to work with and holds its shape and most importantly super soft. Its classified as a chunky but I would place it closer to a worsted weight. I have yet to wash the either sweater but I understand it holds up very well.
They weekend after Evelyn was born Rachel, Adam & Hayden came for a visit & to inspect the new family member. Mr. Hayden is getting so tall! He has a twinkle of teasing or trouble in his eyes, he’s such a hoot always with a smile. I was so upset when after they left I realized I had not taken any photos.
There has been some knitting, a couple of pair of Sheepy Pants. Both have since sold and are either received or, on the way to the new owners.
The first was the completed pair in “Tropical Goodbye”
The second was a hand dyed of mine called “Playful”, a color fade. I think I have that down so I will be trying it again tomorrow, not sure what colors I’ll use but I'm sure I'll come up with something!
One thing I do want to clear up.......
Back in January I made a comment concerning "The Simple/Felix Sweater" A pattern designed and generously offered by "The Complete Fabrication." I said the sweater was a bit blah & needed embellished. I was referring to MY choice of yarn. The free pattern itself is wonderful, easy to follow & is sized correctly.


  1. You've been missed! So glad you're back and with delightful knitted things as well. I'm also thrilled the little one is doing well.
    Oh, and on the question you left on my blog...my daughter is not pregnant but when she was pregnant w/3 she couldn't do anything and her dad teased her unmercifully about not helping in the garden and yet she ate the tomatoes!

  2. You have a good excuse for not blogging every now and then ;o)
    A little one needs a lot of time, expecially from her mom.
    So enjoy that little one! Your blog doesn't walk away... in a year that little one will!


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