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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Want to pass it on?

I think all of us know someone on a tight/tightened/limited/nonexistent budget now a days. We know of quite a few that have lost jobs or, accepted severe pay cuts to keep their jobs. Prices have gone up on everything; groceries have increased an average of 29% nation wide. So, how are you making ends meet? What changes have you made to meet the needs of your families?
I know quite a few young couples that are really struggling. Some have never been taught to cook, have had fat/unlimited budgets or, are living on a dime. Some of us are fortunate to have lived thru this type of economy before, learned the hard way how to provide “Basic nutritious, frugal meals”. Budget stretchers, stick to the ribs type…..whatever you call them meals.

Would you be willing to share? I don’t care if its beans & rice, fish, what ever. I love to attend a potluck, there are always a few dishes that are duplicates, but each tastes totally different! Do you cook one meal with plans for a casserole using the leftovers? How about grocery shopping tips? Would you be willing to pass those on? For example shopping at most “mega big Box” stores the entry sale display, the bottom right is the loss leader or, your biggest savings. They are willing to sell at a loss because they just know you will want the other items above it.
So, send me you recipes & ideas, cooking, cleaning, laundry, crafting tips etc. (my e-mails on the top left) I know there are quite a few websites that are devoted to this type of thing, but some are just unrealistic. I’m not looking to reinvent the wheel, just help feed the fish in my small pond. I will omit names to protect the innocent if you would like, just let me know! I’m going through writing down some of my families fav’s, or, my budgets fav’s & will post one soon. I’d like to do this as often as possible. So send your ideas & recipes in! Just keep in mind, what may be basic for you, are fresh ideas to someone younger. Ahem, less experienced


  1. Sure, I'll share something. Lovely idea. :)

  2. I have a few websites I like to look at for ideas but the Nourishing Gourmet is doing a Frugal Recipes Carnival.


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