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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Were Still Waiting.......

On the Baby Bumpette front, were still waiting....... and waiting. Her Doctor said yesterday she could go any time or............in a week. She was so upset. I don't think there is any more room in this belly. Shes been having difficulty sleeping and a lot of contractions but its all back labor. Her coat wont even cover a quarter of her belly!
They are still house hunting, not much luck as the weather has been keeping them in. Having opposite days off & with it getting dark so early in the day it makes it very difficult.

She was showing me a gift from a customer, Her fav at this point, bright spring cheerful colors
My messy kitchen, towel on the floor for snowy feet, rags on the chair to dry Buddy off when he comes in, phone on the wall that is not connected (but its covering a hole on the wall from teens walking to far away & pulling it off the wall) The Christmas photo from Adam Rachel & Hayden still on the family room door..my cluttered counter.....welcome to my house!
I think I need to get to the grocery. We've been using leftover celebration napkins.......& more snow today.

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  1. lol I see a ball winder! My husband would kill me if my house looked like that (he's OCD)..but I would have more knitting done! That's how my room looked when I was a teenager. :) I think it looks like a house is supposed to..lived in. Not to mention you are kind of stuck inside right now?!
    Remember my laundry room where I hang my yarn to dry? I know I deep clean and organize that thing every couple of months and it gets back in a week!
    I quit buying paper towels and napkins (it was hard to talk hubby in to that) and use knit washcloths and hand towels instead. :)

    I think LO says it's too cold to come out! lol Waiting is no fun! Will a grin from Kailey do for now? I'll have to see if I can get one up later haha. Get her to eat a big meal (I had a huge steak and potatoes and then went in to labor on the first) lol. At least if that doesn't work you had good food?


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