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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Color Play!

I don't know about you but I'm staying inside as much as possible. It's been averaging only about 12-15 degrees outside! Last night is was even colder. At least I'm getting some work done. Yesterday morning I finished the "Grass is always Greener" Sheepy Pants. I love the way the colors worked.

As a reward to myself for reaching a few knitting goals I
broke out the dye pot. I like looking at a variety mainstream clothing manufacturers for color ideas, see what is hot for the current or upcoming season. I have 4-5 done but here are 2 I have re skeined This first one I call
"Hayden" after my grandson.
Brown, Blues, Cream & Green, colors that look so good on him.
The second is "Playful." This was done from leftover dye. It just makes me ache for Spring, pots of flowers & digging in the dirt. I can't wait!

"Hayden" re skeined

"Playful" re skeined

The Combination Red Longies are coming along. I've frogged (ugghh) them 2-3 times to adjust the colors pooling and I'm still not satisfied. I'm NOT starting over again. FROG is a 4 letter word ya know! They will have to stay the way they are.......someone will like them!
I finally figured out how to add the progress bars to WIP's. It's not everything but they will populate as I add them to Ravelry. Now to figure how to add the queue........
Hope your stayin warm....


  1. I like them both. Hayden wears the same colors Ty does except he wears a good bit of orange too. :) I glanced around my yard yesterday after getting the kids inside and thought "Today looks ugly I want spring" lol

  2. Oh and I just figured out what I did for my progress bar last time too! Now.. to change fonts and colors... If you add pics I think you have to manually do that each time.

  3. HI Katie,
    I LOVE your Hayden colourway :0)
    I would love to know how you add the WIP side bar and adjust it. We have had lots of horrid bushfires everywhere here with temperatures 117 farenheit, Thats HOT with a huge strong north west winds, a horrible day for Australians Many dead and so may homes lost as well.
    Thinking of you from all the way over here :0)
    Love Mel In Melbourne, Australia


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