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Monday, February 9, 2009

Watching Australia Burn

Spring is definitely on its way, three huge flocks of geese flying over the house this morning. I love it when they land on the pond, one always standing watch for intruders.

I've been watching the news & CNN concerning the fires in Australia. I am just sick about it. Over 160 people have died, many in cars trying to flee the area, or attempting to protects their homes. Entire towns lost. So much History destroyed. After our visit this summer it just feels personal. For such a young country, they are a strong self reliant lot. But this is devastating. I know the entire country is scrambling to take care of their own. And record breaking heat on top of it all......I'm waiting to hear of an appeal for aid, I know they are already scrambling to collect personal care items & clothing for the survivors. Ravelry is a world wide knitting community & many are checking in to let other know they are ok. Please keep them in your prayers.

The Tree Hugger longies are done, they are lanolizing now and will be on the way to a little one in the morning!

I started another pair medium longies, colorway is "Tropical Goodbye." I'm using a solid teal for the waist and striping as I know I will run shy for a medium. Love these colors, nice spring feel.
O.K. Let me hear from you.....Whats on your needles!?!?

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