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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's A Girl!

Introducing Miss Evelyn Christine, 7lbs 9oz, 21.5 inches Today at 5:32Pm
Proud Mom & Dad tired but doing great!


  1. Congratulations, she is beautiful! And I love the name!

  2. What a beautiful Baby!! Congratulations to all. Praise God for the miricle of new life.
    I love the name. A bit prejudiced though, I am sure.

  3. Hope mom and baby are home soon.

  4. So excited for all of you! What a precious addition to your family. Praise the Lord for a beautiful healthy baby. Let the pink knitting begin!

  5. Congratulations on the arrival of precious baby girl! What wonderful news! Warmest welcome to little Evelyn, and all the best to Mom and Dad!

  6. Thank you ladies for all the comments, clicking away on a pink sweater now!

  7. Thank you for the blog comment :) Your baby girl is so precious! She's four days older than my little man yet she's definitely out-eating my son! Joel is only eating about 3 oz every 3 hours, and until the past two days was only eating 2 oz.


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