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Friday, February 27, 2009

Your Using CLOTH!?

Your Using CLOTH!?!
I cant tell you how many times we have heard the past 2 weeks. Usually with a gasp tone of horror. Larry even rolled his eyes and shuddered at the thought. He just remembers the skimpy cheese cloth like flat folds & prefolds, (& possibly a diaper left soaking one to many times.)

Diapering has changed quite a bit in 23 years! These are not your Mama's Diapers! I looked at a lot of different styles, trying to narrow it down for Erika. We knew what ever diaper we chose would need to have the same ease of use as disposables for daycare and Chris. We decided to start with "fitteds", the same basic use as a disposable. How about velcro or snap closures?

We settled on "Mimas" a WAHM on Etsy & are so happy we did. She patiently answered our 101 questions , try's to provide prints of your choice & even offers a layaway program. In all honesty we chose her initially due to her prices, not wanting to spend a lot $ until we knew if they would like cloth. Well, I have to tell you, she should charge more. These are so well made & absorbent. Can you say cute, look at these prints! The pink taps fold over to cover the velcro in the wash.

Some of the cutest prints and covers.

I cant get over the savings we are already seeing. The biggest problem we have right now? Choosing which diaper to use!

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  1. Those are cute. I don't see what the big deal with cloth diapers is though because you are already changing the diaper. Women especially should understand what plastic feels like.. *shudder* I'd rather have cloth on my bum :) Besides who could turn away all the cute prints?


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