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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Longies & Great Dyers

It's beautiful outside! In the high 50's and maybe to hit 60! All the doors and windows are open for a few hours at least! Nice fresh air to blow out the winter stuffiness!
Time to start planning gardens and flowerbeds! I know Larry plans to work on the patio floor stones before it gets to hot. It's going to look great! Can't wait for summer BBQ's.

Last night I finished the current project. A pair of small STK Longies (of course) For these I used "Purewool" in the colorway "Combination Red". That is what the skein was marked anyway, as they are actually a pinky berry & coral. I'm not very happy with the way the colors pooled. No mater how I changed up my starting point they had the same design.

If you've never have a chance to use Purewool your missing out! It so soft, just perfect for newborns! I should have these posted to ETSY this afternoon.
A bit of baby Bumpette knitting, yes, another pair of stash longies....for these I'm finally using the Sheepy Time Knits yarn I bought from Mandy last summer. I'm not sure but she may have used Purewool for this also. Super soft and the colors just POP! It's killing me as she just had a HUGE restocking.....and I'm on a yarn diet.
And yet another pair...I received my order from Sarah at BabyLongLegs
This colorway is called Tree Hugger. The dyelot is a bit different than the last, a bit deeper but, I
love it. Aran BFL, thick and thirsty for the diaper set

This is such a horrible representation of the colors, they are so rich and vibrant. I would love to know how Sarah produces them....hint ...hint.
Here is the rest of the order, 2 for baby Bumpette and the Tree Hugger for a custom, its terrible but I don't remember the names of the other 2! I think I will save these for her next winter .wardrobe

Well, I have a date with the laundry room, it's breeding!

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  1. Neptune and Goblin were the other two :)
    And if I tell you my secrets......I'd have to then kill you.....hehehehe!!!

    Happy Knitting Katie :D

    S xXx


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