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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weathers Changing, are you ready?

Looking out the window this morning I see the leaves are finally starting to turn.  Really turn not just the dry brown, drought dead leaves.  Oranges and gold’s are popping through the green foliage.  Time to change the garden flag in the flowerbed


I love these fun little seasonal flags.  A touch of whimsy and cheerful a punch of color in the flowerbeds. I wait till they go on sale and pick them up for pennies. 

Over the weekend our weather had defiantly turned cooler with temps dropping down to the 30’s & 40’s at night… which meant there was a extra comforter added to the bed.   The past 3 days we’ve had a wonderful gentle cold soaking rain.  You can almost watch the soil soaking the moisture up like a sponge which is great because this morning we have heavy sheets of rain. 

First good storm 001 If this heavy rain had come first we would have lost a lot of top soil. 

This week I need to go through all the jackets, coats, scarves, mittens & gloves, tossing everything in the wash to freshen them up.  I like to check for holes, loose buttons and zipper stitching before they become a problem.  Is there any thing more frustrating than being cold or wet, needing that jacket & have the zipper stitching come undone?

I’d like to say this type of mending is done as needed or at least before coats and winter gear is put away but, the reality is we/I get excited about spring, gardening, being outside coatless and winter gear ends up stuffed in the coat closet. 

Have you checked the Farmers almanac for your winter forecast?  This year we’re going to want those coats mittens!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder....I too need to dig out the mitts, hats and jackets and give them a re-freshen up. Love your little leaf flag..so colorful!

  2. Yeah I just remembered to sew the pocket on hubsteads sweater jacket.I can't wait to get home and see springtime again and lots of rain!

  3. Debbie, It's one of those things I always for get till we need them

  4. Anna, you're ahead of me! I've got them in the washer now

  5. If spring doesn't arrive here soon we'll be heading straight into autumn! I want some sun and I want it now! And if I don't get it I shall scream and scream until I make myself sick! I can you know!! :D

  6. I hear you Sue! The last few weeks of winter while waiting for spring are hateful. Like your on pins and needles justs waiting


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