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Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Thoughts

What a beautiful morning!

It’s nice and cool with bit of misty fog.  The kind of morning that leaves you no doubt fall has arrived & creates that since of urgency to hurry and finish outside tasks.  All summer I’ve had this strong feeling we will have a long hard winter.  No specific reason, just that stuck in your gut worry. 

That’s what’s weird, it has me worried for reasons I can’t explain…..  We are more prepared for cold weather now than ever before. Maybe it’s the lack of harvest from the garden?  I know I just have this nearly frantic feeling nearly a panic,,, to stock up, batten down the hatches and be ready for anything.  Tell me I’m being crazy, please!

Ugh, It was a near paralyzing fear for a few days but I’m trying to get through it by working on the fall “gotta-do” list.

  • Finish pruning the neighbors shrubs, yes still half done
  • prune or remove our ugly shrubs (still deciding)
  • Plant the last of the strawberry babies (I forgot about them) & mulch the bed. 
  • Finish the garden clean up when the pumpkins are done.
  • Build the new compost bins-using pallets. I need to clear the space backed up to the woods

We also have a few trees who were victim of the draught that will need to be removed & another on the slope by the pond to Isaac.  raised beds 006The storm took out a main branch so we need to determine if it will even survive.  We’ve lost about a dozen trees the past 5 years to storms & would like to keep all we can.  They make nice windbreaks & protect the house.

Add a few repairs to the outside we’ve waited to do in cooler weather.  I know there are a million other things to add to the but these are the most pressing.

So,  am I being neurotic about winter?







  1. No, I don't think your are being neurotic about winter at all....unless I am neurotic too! I have had an extreme feeling to stock-up and stock-up on everything! Medications, heating fuel, gasoline, everything. Weird, isn't it? Gotta go, I have a ton to do as well. Have a great weekend Katie! You will get it all done, don't worry.

  2. Well, there is the old saying, "Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best." I like to operate on the assumption that if we are prepared, it won't happen. Ya know what I mean?

    Personally, I'd like to see (and be prepared for!) an old-fashioned cold winter with lots of snow to kill off some of the terrible garden insects that our past few winters have been too warm to discourage!

    It never, never hurts to be prepared, Katie. I do think we're going to see a drastic increase in food prices this winter so whatever we can do to prepare for that is a good thing.

  3. Debbie & MP, We've always tried to be "at the ready" to many years of military training I guess but, this year...just really is making me itch!
    MP, yes, we need a good sustained freeze to kill off all the bugs and ticks that over wintered last year

  4. Spring for us here, getting ready for planting. Suumer thunderstorms not far away, and the occassional grass fire in the district.

  5. Go by your gut instinct. Plan for the worse and hope for the best.


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