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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bits of Randomness

  I popped into the local grocery the other day for eggs, they had gone up .50, and are now $2.49 –$3.49 a dozen.  Flour in the smaller bags has gone up over a dollar since early spring. Peanut butter (the store brand mind you is up) .75 cents.  It’s going to get pretty scary for some..especially those who either can’t or won’t cook from scratch. 

  I was able to move the blue berry bushes to the new bed built just for them.  They were super easy to dig up & transplant.  I’m sure that is not a very good sign.  I would have expected the roots to have spread out more but, they are moved.  I watered them well and then the past 24 hours we’ve had a steady drizzle of rain which has been wonderful.  We’ll see what happens. I think 2 are dead but, it’s sure worth a try.

The 3 new raised beds are looking good.  Empty… but good. I’ve only had 1-2 weeds pop up so far.  We are waiting out the pumpkin to put in a few more.  The last of the watermelon are nearly ready & think I’ll try out some watermelon jelly with the larger of them. 

It’s been a weird week, I haven’t accomplished much on the home front.  Knitting yes, but outside not much.   Mr. Fix-It and I are both a bit…. lethargic I think is the appropriate word.  Maybe tired?  A bit of mental transition from summer to fall tasks?  I’m not complaining at all, but I have felt a tad guilty when I look outside and see little things that need taken care of like the pool toys still sitting at the table & chairs that need moved back up to the house…but they’re not going anywhere LOL! I can do it in the next few days. 

My sister in law has blessed me with another box of canning jars!  She’s actually my husbands, brothers, wife’s, brothers wife.  (It’s so much easier to just say sister in law!) Anyway, her mother is a bit of a  “collector” of things.  Canning jars happens to be one of those collections. So, as they are gently helping her clear out her “collections” she brings me jars!  Another offer was a dozen or so of the old glass Mr. Peanut jars which seal.  I think she definitely needs to check the value of them first.

  Last summer she brought me a box full of old Country Living, Country Journal and Early American Life magazines..old as in early 70’s& 80’s.

I’m loving flipping through reading recipes, gardening tips ,finding quilting patterns and comments of “modern life style choices”.  There are no slick ad’s, actually there are only 1-2 slick paper ad’s in each. Most are heavy yellowing bond paper but in excellent condition. Some things have changed a lot but, the main points of living simply, taking care of what you have and living within your means are the focus… with out being actually stated.  It’s the calm, common since, matter of fact tone & train of thought through out each that has me reaching for the next issue. .  again and again.

Have a wonderful Wednesday


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  1. How nice of your sis-in-law! I always appreciate when someone gifts me jars. Grocery prices are climbing steadily here as well. Not great for the budget! We have been a bit lethargic around here as well....great idea blaming it on the change of seasons... I like that! :P

    Have fun knitting!

  2. Hey, thanks for popping in. I was thrilled that she even though of me to gift the jars.

  3. I think we all stressed so much (which can take the stuffings right out of ya quicker than hard, physical work) over our gardens this year that now that the end of the season is upon us, we're sort of in a state of collapse! (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.)

    I think we're going to see grocery prices go up tremendously this winter so whatever stocking up we can do now will be worth it. Fill those new canning jars with good food!

  4. We are going to have chickens for our eggs and hubstead is going hunting with brother so meat is all good.Fishing is going to be left up to me.Brother has a boat so biggie there.I like to fish.Will be exchanging all this with brother with veggies from our garden,I think its a good deal.Once we get settled I'm trying hard not to make trips to the grocery store.


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