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Monday, September 24, 2012

Watch your gardens folks…it’s starting already

The weather is changing Fast!

In some areas of the county we had our first frost last night. I was worried this morning because I have Isaiah’s planting of green beans in the garden yet (which are taking off like gang busters again) but, checking them this morning they are fine.   I picked a few gallons & they are processing in the canner now. I’ve put up plenty for the next year but I don’t want them to go to waste and you can always use extra.  I had to run to the store for more jars & lucked out.  Cases of jars were on sale buy 2 get 1 free…same for lids.  I left with 6 cases and 6 packs of lids.  SCORE!


7 more pints of green beans cooling on the counter

But, while I was in the produce section I overheard a conversation…one guy was talking to another about beans, he commented they had a bunch “fresh home grown”  put up in the freezer.  The other guy made comment he hadn’t realized he gardened…to which he responded, “I don’t, I go pick from my neighbors garden at night” & that he’s picked “lots-a stuff from there all summer”.  I wish I knew who he was or better yet, who his neighbor was!  I had to walk away before I hit the slug up side the head with a bag of oranges.  GAH!!

Watch your gardens folks…it’s starting already.



  1. Yes it has and it will only get worse. I've placed a fence around mine with a locked gate. I donate my vegetables and fruit from time to time and don't mind doing so.

  2. Sandy, I think we are moving the main garden closer to the house, water source and just plain old security. I couldn't believe the jerk was just laughing about stealing from his neighbor.

  3. I would have chucked him up the side of the head! The nerve both for the actual act but then to joke about it! Wow! I am glad that your beans were okay....we had a very hard frost the other night (and snow!) and nothing survived. There were only a few peppers and a couple of tomatoes thank goodness.

  4. Oh Debbie, it was so hard not to follow him home and talk to his neighbors....
    You had snow?!?! Oh wow, I'm so not ready for snow. Right now it's still a 4 letter word to me LOL!
    Thanks for popping in~


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