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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gonna Be A Dirty Girl!

The Raised beds are going in!

Mr. Fix-It brought “Big Red” home for the evening and made scooching the garden soil back a breeze.  Saved me hours of work.  6 Swipes of the bucket blade and it was done. 

He was able to cut the soil back right up next to Isaiah’s green beans (which need picked). I almost felt like Samantha Stevens from “Bewitched” …twitch my nose and it was done.

Good thing he made quick work of it as we weren’t able to start till after 7:30 pm..

raised beds 004

With the pealed back like this I can really see where I’ve focused my efforts (and need to refocus)with compost and rabbit poo, that soil is like black gold.

raised beds 012

By the time we had the frames placed and lined with cardboard it was pretty much dark. We had a wonderful show of God’s Art work in the way of a sunset poking through the trees…I just wish I could do the colors justice!

raised beds 009

He pushed the garden soil back up by the beds so I could filter weeds and put it back in the beds.  I thought we were done for the night…

raised beds 007

And then he took off across the field for the mound of topsoil. 

Remember, I just wanted the boxes about half filled…

Visible proof….. if you ask a man for “just a few inches”,

his perception is significantly different!

raised beds 018

It was 9 pm by the time we got Big Red tucked away at the shop and back home.

No complaints from me on the late hour & I think I see a strawberry rhubarb pie in his near future.

I’m on the way out the door with a short pony tailed helper to smooth the soil and weed search.

If my energy holds out I may move those blueberry bushes. 

Ahhh, I love being a dirty girl!





  1. Ooooh lucky you to have such a great hubby! Wow, that did save a TON of work! They are looking good and will work so well next year. Congrats!

  2. I wish we had a big red when we started our garden boxes.
    Enjoy your new boxes!

  3. Debbie, I know he's sure a keeper! I almost wish it was spring to dive in

  4. Sandy, I was NOT looking forward to arm-stronging all that dirt. I can't imagine the work involved with building/filling 20+ beds!

  5. Lucky, lucky girl! It doesn't happen that quickly for most of us!! I guess this is one time we have to give a lot of credit to a guy and his "toys!" You are gonna LOVE those raised beds!!

  6. Can he come to our house when we get ready to put in our raised beds LOL!That was so good, lucky girl.I know I'll be getting dirty.

  7. Ann, thanks for stopping in. Yes, I am blessed! I think I can get maye 6 more in this fall...maybe..


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