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Friday, September 7, 2012

Shave and hair-cut 5 cents

Don’t we wish those were still the prices!

  I need a haircut so bad but can’t decide what I want to do.  Something short-“ish” but still with a tad bit of length…because right now I’m starting to look like “Shaggy” from Scooby Do


It hasn’t been trimmed since April and, this is pretty close to Mr. Fix-It’s expression when I get up in the morning. 

Something else needing a haircut was my chives. They were tall enough to layover..past time for a trim. 

Chives 001

I think I’ve gotten addicted to using chives, nothing is safe….eggs, soups, stews…you name it nothing gets past the chives. It gives so much flavor for so little gardening effort, pop them in a pot and leave them alone, I pretty much ignore them till it’s time for a trim.  In the grocery the other day I saw bundles of fresh chives being sold for over $3.00. The bundles were only about 1/2 the size of this cutting.

Chives 002

I’d made a rather foolish attempt to dehydrate them in the Excalibur…and found them blown all over inside.

  It’s not easy picking up and shaking a Excalibur as you would a toaster to clean them out! If I still had the smaller round dehydrator It would be fine as the air flows up/down on the cuttings holding them in place.  I may try using the ambient heat from the oven next time I make bread & see what happens. Although they take up very little space the less I have in the freezer the better. Besides, I’ve saved a bunch of brown glass vitamin bottles & have them all clean ready to store my herbs.

How do you preserve/store your chives?

Do they loose flavor dehydrated?



  1. I freeze my chives--they have that wonderful fresh taste when I use them. I just snip them into the size I like , freeze them on a cookie sheet and when frozen, I put them in small jars in the freezer. I learned this last year and LOVE it. I won't do it any other way anymore.

  2. Thanks for the tips Sue. With the onions harvest so poor I' stash all the chives I can

  3. Oh gosh, Katie, it is soooo easy to freeze chives and you can get an awful lot of them in little freezer space. I don't even freeze them on a cookie sheet like Sue does, but rather just cut up with scissors and fill little one-cup freezer containers. When they are frozen and I want to use, I just take my fingers and "scrape" out as many as I want. They don't freeze in a hard clump but come out very easily.

  4. Mama, That is about what I've been doing just that in freezer bags and break off small bits as I need it. I've not had a problem so far but, thought to limit the freezer use. As if these take up any space!


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