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Saturday, September 22, 2012


I was chopping the last of the peppers for the dehydrator & had to sneeze.

I grabbed handkerchief…sneezed blew and wiped my nose.  Washed my hands and started to chop more ….when I realized my nose was tingling…inside and out! About a minute later the fire ignited

I must have had pepper oils on my hands!  A chunk of bread blotted on my face absorbed most of that oil but & can’t get in my nose!

It’s now going up in my sinus cavity, and my eyes are watering like crazy. 

Can you say flame thrower!!!

I have to say I don’t ever remember my sinus’s being this clear.

Hmm think I’ll freeze a few whole to use in the winter when we’re super stuffy

Or, maybe not



  1. OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! You poor thing... I burned my hands a couple years ago... I can't even imagine your pain! Feel better soon!

  2. Oh gosh Katie, that must have been just horrible! I hope it is clearing up by now. Can you just imagine if someone walked in while you were trying to stuff bread up your nose?! Now that would have been a story to share with the grandkids! xoxo

  3. I'm sorry luv but I'm laughing here! ;-D I have visions of fire breathing dragons in my head now! Not that I think you're a dragon of course, I think you are perfectly lovely but I'm seeing dragons all the same! :D ♥

  4. Yart, I've been preserving them all year and not had a problem but today my hands burn after washing numerous times. Still tingles now. Learned my lesson, I have rubber gloves and next time I'll use them!

  5. No bread up my nose Debbie but I considered it LOL!

  6. Sue, it sure felt like fire I tell you! At one point I grabbed the sink sprayer and sprayed up my nose but quickly realized it just made it worse. I won't be doing that again soon!

  7. Katie,
    What type of peppers are you chopping girl?
    Must be real hot ones!!! I chop jalapenos and green chiles without gloves. Anything hotter, requires gloves for me. Try soaking your hands in milk for approximately 5 minutes, this will help with the heat and tingling.

  8. Sandy, they were suposed to be (and do look like) green bell peppers but never got much larger than a golf ball all season. I've been chopping them up all summer and not had a problem till now

  9. Oh Katie, you have my sympathy but, gosh, I did have to giggle a couple of times reading your antics! Yes, I was thinking of you walking around with bread hanging out of your nose. And the vision of you trying to use the sprayer up your nose paints a hilarious picture. At least you didn't rub your eyes! I've heard of people really being in sustained pain by doing that. Now go find your rubber gloves!!


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